New Year Resolutions Every Martial Artist Should Consider

martial arts classes in raleighChoosing and sticking to New Year’s resolutions can be difficult. Martial artists setting goals that are both challenging and realistic can be difficult. Resolutions should be simple. They should benefit your martial arts practice as well as your overall health. Let’s take a closer look. Searching for the best martial arts classes in Raleigh in 2018? Call Gracie to learn more.

2018 Resolutions for Martial Artists

As you make your lists of resolutions considering adding the following to your list:

Find More Time to Devote to Training: Selecting a few complex combinations. Add in sparring sessions and get one-on-one training to help learn new techniques. These all great ways to get more time in. Once you have committed to spending more time on your martial arts skills, share the goal with coaches, training partners or your family. Having people around you who can support and challenge you to push yourself during training sessions may motivate you to put in the extra time at the gym or ask for extra training time.

Reinforce What You Have Learned: Putting your additional training and new techniques into practice regularly will help you advance your skills more quickly. Work to incorporate new techniques into your sparring matches and focus on improving your technique regardless of the outcome of the sparring match.

Review Your Own Tape: You have probably spent hours watching your favorite martial artists perform on tutorial videos. I bet you also spend time critiquing your sparring partner on their performance. However, many martial artists never observed their own performance. Recruit a friend or family member to record your sparring or drill practice so that you can make adjustments to your technique or form.

Change Your Diet: Feel like you lack power or that your training has plateaued? Changing up your diet could help give your performance the boost it needs. Choosing a dietary plan that you can stick to is crucial for success. Also, remember that staying hydrated is key to maintaining your performance and helping your body work at peak efficiency. For more on this, see our previous post on martial arts nutrition.

Commit to Getting Enough Sleep: Rest is essential for your body to repair and function appropriately. Sleep can also help you stick to your diet and beat cravings. Set aside two nights a week where you can get to bed early and get your full eight hours.

Learn a New Martial Art: Not only will crosstraining with a different discipline help you improve your primary martial art performance it can also help you break through fitness plateaus. Practicing a mixed martial art at least once a week is enough for you to reap these benefits. Our free Raleigh martial arts classes are perfect for this resolution. Call Gracie Raleigh today to learn more.

If you’re having trouble setting goals for the year, don’t feel pressured to rush into ones that are not well thought out or are too ambitious. Talk through goals you are considering with your coach or a trusted friend who can give you honest feedback or make suggestions based your current performance.

Best Martial Arts Classes in Raleigh for 2018

Getting the best martial arts training for yourself and the entire family is easy at Gracie Raleigh. Whether you are new to martial arts or are ready to take your training to the next level, our experienced staff can help you reach your goals. We offer free classes for beginners, ladies only classes and parents are never locked into a contract for their child’s martial arts education. Martial arts for the whole family is within your reach at Gracie Raleigh. Call or stop by the gym today to learn more about our martial arts classes in Raleigh and how we can help you build on your martial arts skills.