Blue Belt

The blue belt represents a significant milestone in your journey through the world of Jiu-Jitsu. As the first belt you earn after the white belt, it’s only natural to seek clarity on what it takes to achieve this rank and understand the process involved. In this guide, we will outline the minimum requirements for attaining your blue belt, helping you navigate the path towards this prestigious achievement


To earn your blue belt at our martial arts studio, we have set certain minimum requirements that we expect you to fulfill. These requirements are designed to ensure that you have a solid foundation and understanding of Jiu-Jitsu before progressing to the next level. The following are the minimum requirements:


– 1.5 to 2 Years of Consistent Training

– A minimum of 150 Classes

– Knowledge of Fundamental Moves and Positions



As a blue belt you need a solid grasp of the fundamental techniques and positions in Jiu-Jitsu. The details of these moves and positions can be found in this document. We are in the process of uploading videos of all of the moves on our Youtube channel.

Criteria for Consideration for Promotion

Consistency– Exhibiting consistent attendance, attitude, performance, and adherence to gym policy.


Selflessness– Contributing to the improvement and progress of fellow students. Cultivating the team environment.


Effort/Focus– Showing up with focus, determination, and training goals (not just going through the motions). Training with intention.


Knowledge– Understanding the necessary techniques and being able to display them without resistance.


Application– Able to perform skills/ techniques amongst peers (size, age, skill) under resistance.


Attendance– Meeting minimum class requirements. Also consideration for sparring and spending time on development outside class. Consistency is important.


Attitude– Welcoming, helpful, coachable, respectful, etc..


Achievements– Competition (Success amongst peer group).


Emotional Maturity/Control/Humility– Controlling emotions/frustrations and limiting physical and emotional reactions while sparring against someone newer, spastic, smaller but better (maintaining technique over strength). Knowing when to increase intensity and when to let someone work. Ability to take the wins with the losses while showing grace. Allowing yourself to explore new techniques while sparring as well as forcing yourself to spend time in bad positions. Avoiding the “win at all costs” attitude.


Mental Toughness- Ability to increase your threshold and tolerance for discomfort. Improving decision making under fatigue and managing physical and mental pressure.


Personal Growth– Progress from your baseline ability.

General Concepts

  • Movements
    • Bridge to Knees
    • Shrimping
      • Shrimp
      • Bridge and Shrimp
      • Reverse Shrimp
      • Seated Shrimp
    • Heisting
      • Leg weave to knees (Supine Heisting)
      • Hip Hiesting
    • Other
      • Leg Pummeling
      • Leg Scissor
      • High Leg Spin
      • Sit Out
    • Rolling
      • Forward Shoulder Roll
      • Reverse Shoulder Roll
      • Leg Scissor and Tuck Roll (Supine Roll)
      • Granby Roll (Inversion)
    • Sit-Back
      • Forward
      • Side
      • Rear
    • Standing Position
      • Breakfall
      • Sprawl and Circle
      • Technical Stand up
      • Stance
      • Footwork
      • Arm Pummeling

Standing Position

  • Leg Technqiues (Ashi Waza)
    • Outside Trip (O Soto Gari)
    • Inside Trip (O Uchi Gari)
    • Hip Throw (O Goshi)
    • Inner Thigh Throw (Uchi Mata)
  • Hand Techniques (Te Waza)
    • Double Leg
    • Single Leg
    • Ankle Pick
    • Snap Down
    • Collar Drag
    • Arm Drag
    • Duck Under
    • Miscellaneous
      • Butterfly Hook Sacrifice Throw (Uki Waza)
      • Body Lock Fold
      • Body Lock Leg hook (Ko Soto Gake)
      • Rear Body Lock Takedown
      • Sprawl
      • Go Behind
      • Guard Pull
  • Self Defense
    • Standing Armlock
    • Standing Headlock Defense
    • Haymaker Punch Defense
      • Body Lock
      • Hip Throw
    • Guillotine Defense
    • Wrist Grab


  • Mount
    • Positional Control
      • Grapevine
      • Airplane Base
      • Arm controls
    • Americana Lock
    • Armbar
      • Headlock Counter
      • Countering the Chest Push
        • Belly Down
    • Mounted Cross Choke
    • Sleeve Choke
    • Head and Arm Choke
    • Transition to the Back
  • Knee on Belly
    • Positional Control
    • Spin Choke (Baseball Bat Choke)
    • Transition to mount
  • Side
    • Cutter Choke
    • Far Side Armbar
    • Americana Lock
    • Transitioning to Reverse Kesa Gatame (Facing the legs)
    • Transitioning to Kesa Gatame (Facing the head)
    • Clearing the Hip Frame
    • Countering the Underhook
    • Knee Drive to Mount
    • Step Over to Mount
    • Transition to the Back (Reactive)
    • Circling the Head
    • Top Crucifix
  • Back
    • Positional Control
    • RNC (Rear Naked Choke)
    • Armbar
    • Sliding Collar Choke
    • Rear Triangle
    • Transition to Mount
  • Turtle
    • Turtle Break down
    • Take the Back
    • Clock Choke
  • Crucifix
    • Entering from turtle
    • Positional Control


  • Mount
    • Framing
    • Elbow Escape
    • Ankle Trap Escape
    • Bridge and Roll Escape
  • Knee on Belly
    • Knee on Belly Escape
  • Side
    • Framing
    • Headlock Escape
    • Shrimp Escape
    • Underhook Escape
    • High Leg Escape (North South)
    • Sit Out Escape
    • Shoulder Roll Escape
  • Back
    • Basic Defense
      • Chin Tuck
      • Hand Fighting
      • Clearing Hooks
    • Overarm Side Escape
    • Underarm Side Escape
    • No Arm Escape
  • Turtle
    • Front Head Sit Back
    • Knee Shield Side Sit Back
    • Rear Turtle Sit Back
    • Peterson Roll
    • Shoulder Roll
  • Submission Escapes
    • Armbar
    • Footlock
    • Triangle
    • Guillotine

Guard Top

    • Closed Guard
      • Hand Fighting and Posture
      • Standing in Closed Guard
      • Standing Closed Guard Break
      • Defending the Double Ankle Sweep
    • Open Guard
      • Engaging Seated Guard
      • Passes
        • Stack Pass (Double Under)
        • Toreando (Bullfighter)
        • Leg Drag
        • Far Side Knee Cut
        • Near Side Knee Cut
        • Long Step
        • Double Over Butterfly Pass
        • Over Under Pass
        • Smash Pass (Folding Pass)
      • Negating Guards
        • Collar Sleeve
        • De La Riva
        • Double Sleeve Guards (Spider and Lasso)
        • X Guards
    • Half Guard
      • Grips and Positional Control
      • Passing to Side
      • Passing to Mount
      • Passing From Negative Half (Facing the Legs)
      • Passing From Reverse Half (Backstep)
      • Passing from 3/3 Mount
      • Kneebar
      • Kimura
      • Arm Triangle


Guard Bottom

  • Closed Guard
    • Punch Block Self Defense
    • Submissions
      • Armbar
      • Kimura
      • Omoplata
      • Triangle
      • Cross Collar Choke
      • Guillotine
    • Sweeping
      • Kneeling Opponent
        • Arm Drag to the Back
        • Underhook to the Back
        • Scissor Sweep
        • Flower Sweep
        • Pendulum Sweep
        • Elevator Sweep (Butterfly Hook)
        • Sit-Up Sweep (Hip Bump)
      • Standing Opponent
        • Double Ankle Sweep
        • Tripod Sweep
        • Lumberjack Sweep
  • Half Guard
    • Elbow Escape to Closed Guard
    • Knee Shield Half to Closed Guard
    • Knee Lever (Giggler)
    • Back Roll Sweep (Shaolin)
    • Butterfly Half Sweep
    • Underhook Half
      • Double Leg
      • Roll Through
      • Taking the back
    • Kimura
  • Open Guard
    • Initiating Guard from Seated
    • Guard Retention
      • Toreando (Bullfighter)
      • Knee Slice
      • Stack Pass
    • Sweeping
      • Kneeling Opponent
        • Butterfly Guard Sweep
        • Spider Guard Sweep
        • Lasso Guard Sweep
        • Collar Sleeve Guard
      • Collar Sleeve Guard
        • Overhead Sweep
        • Standing Scissors Sweep
        • Omoplata
        • Triangle
      • De la Riva guard
        • Tripod
        • Reverse Tripod
        • Off Balance to Single Leg
        • Sit-up Guard Sleeve Sweep
        • Transition to Single Leg X
      • X Guard Variations
        • Transition to X guard
        • Single Leg X Sweep
        • X Guard Heisting Sweep


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