Nutritional Tips for MMA Fighters

raleigh boxing gymsWelcome back to our continuing series on nutrition for MMA fighters. In our previous post, we shared with you how one elite athlete nutritionist feeds his fighters. However, one plan does not work for everyone. Each fighter has different nutritional needs and health concerns to take into account. Choosing a training diet that you can stick to that gives you the energy you need to perform at your best is key. If you’re searching for an alternative to Raleigh boxing gyms this summer, call Gracie Raleigh! Ask about our martial arts and self defense classes. We can help you take your training to new levels this fall and winter!

Nutritional Tips for Mixed Martial Artists

Here are some of the best nutritional tips for MMA fighters:

Carbs are essential for fat burning. Choosing the right type of carbohydrates is important. Taking in the majority of your carbs after a training session helps your muscles recover faster. Oatmeal is an excellent choice for post-workout carbs. It is a slow acting carb which means you feel full longer. It is also packed with trace minerals and other nutrients that your body needs. Multivitamins and minerals will help your body use and absorb the nutrients found in the carbohydrates that you consume as well as the proteins.

Eating high levels of protein is key to getting the restful sleep and power you need for your MMA training. Ensure that you know how to properly cook your proteins in order to avoid illness and other problems associated with low protein ingestion. Signs of low protein ingestion include difficulty sleeping,  trouble gaining strength, chronic muscle strains and sprains, and digestive issues like diarrhea or constipation. Low protein absorption can also lead to unexpected fractures.

Salt makes you retain water. Retaining water increases your weight. As a result, you need to train harder to remove the additional water weight. Learn to read and understand how much sodium is in the food that you consume regularly. Eliminating extra salt from your diet can significantly improve your overall health.

It important to stay properly hydrated while you are training. Drinking enough water each day to flush the protein that you are eating is crucial. Drinking two gallons of water per day to flush protein will help you maintain a high metabolic rate. It will also aid digestion and help you avoid gas. Drinking additional water stimulates your body to produce extra growth hormone as well.

Fruits and Vegetables
Simple carbohydrates that are high in acid will help burn fats before working out. Some of the carbohydrates found in fruits and vegetables are offset by the naturally occurring fiber.

Understanding and utilizing proper nutrition during your training is crucial to achieving the results you want from your training. No matter which diet you choose, it is important to select an eating plan that you can stick to. Consult your physician about any medical concerns before beginning a new diet.

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