Other Negative Effects of Smoking

Kickboxing Classes In RaleighWe all know that smoking is bad for your health. We even covered it in an earlier post this month. Go back and read it when you get a chance. However, did you also know that smoking cigarettes can have other negative impacts on your life? Yep, not only does this terrible habit shorten your lifespan, it also isolates you and drains your finances. Keep reading to learn more. Did you know that Gracie offers a great alternative to traditional kickboxing classes in Raleigh? Call us today and ask us about our muay thai classes!

How Smoking Cigarettes Negatively Affects the Other Parts of Your Life

Drains the Bank

Smoking cigarettes is an expensive bad habit and addiction. Based on data from Fair Reporters, each pack of smokes costs $5.51 on average with the highest cost-per-pack at $12.85 for New Yorkers. Since each pack contains 20 individual cigarettes, people in New York are paying roughly 63 cents for each one.

Furthermore, if you’re smoking a pack each day, or even three packs a week, you’re investing a lot of your extra income into killing yourself. At an average cost of $5.51, a pack a day habit will cost you $2011.15 each year. Smoke a pack a day for 5 years, your expenses total more than 10 grand. Think about it!

Hurts Your Social Life

Cigarette smoke stinks. It sinks into your hair, clothes, car, and more. People don’t like to be around others who smell like ashtrays and cigarette butts. So, you might find yourself being left out in the rain more often than not. Furthermore, most large cities have smoking bans in place. You’ll have to isolate yourself from the good times each time you need to go out for a smoke.

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