Tips for Quitting Smoking

karate classes in raleighIf you’ve been following along, then you know we’ve been focusing on the importance of quitting smoking. We care about you regardless of your involvement with martial arts. You could be focusing on BJJ, muay thai, kickboxing, or even taking karate classes in Raleigh NC.  Our message to you would still be the same; Smoking kills! That’s why you should stop right now if you’re still partaking in this terrible habit.

In a few previous posts, we covered lots of reasons on why you should stop smoking. We discussed how smoking affects your health, your sports performance, and more. We’ve linked this related content at the end of today’s post. Please give them a review when you can.

In today’s post we’re going to cover many different tips that you can use to finally kick your smoking habit. We hope these will make quitting easy, and will provide guidance for when those nicotine cravings hit. Keep reading to learn more. If you are getting bored with regular karate classes in Raleigh NC, call Gracie Raleigh. We can give you a new martial arts challenge in 2017. Just check out our BJJ, muay thai, or MMA classes.

Tips That You Can Use to Quit Smoking

Make the Choice and Set a Date

The thing you need to do to quit smoking is make the decision to do so, and then commit to it. Pick a date that you’ll no longer use by. Circle that date on your calendar, put reminders in your phone, and make other visuals that will remind you of what’s coming ahead.

Cold Turkey or Ween

When I used to smoke, the hardest thing for me was committing to do it. I found that weening myself off only prolonged the process. I had many failed attempts because I thought that if I just kept cutting back more and more, eventually I would just quit. My problem was that I couldn’t get past the four smokes a day limit. I just had to have one in the morning, after lunch, on the way home from work, and one before bedtime. No matter how much I tried to cut back more, I was always stuck at four cigarettes a day.

Then I made the choice to quit cold turkey. It was the best choice I made when it came to smoking. After going cold turkey, I found that each day it was easier and easier to overcome the cravings.

Cold Turkey Is Not for Everyone

We’re all different. What works for me might not work for you. You have to figure this out on your own. The key is sticking to your commitment to quit smoking. If one method does not work for you, try something else. Keep trying and never give up. Your life might depend on it.

Make a Compare and Contrast List

Making lists will help you reach all sorts of goals, and quitting smoking is one of them. In this list, make two columns. On one side, write down everything you enjoy about smoking. On the other side list all the consequences of smoking. They can be health problems, financial issues, social problems, or anything else you can think where smoking has caused a problem.

Now compare the two sides. Look at the risk versus reward for each line item.

Make a List of Your Concerns

Now I want you to make another list. Same as above with two columns. This time I want you to write down all of the reasons that you are worried about quitting. Be honest. If you think you’re too addicted to nicotine, write it down. In the other column, I want you to write an alternative solution to each concern. Using the same example, if you’re concerned about your nicotine addiction levels, your solution could be vaping, nicotine patches or gum, or other replacement therapies.

Make a List of Your Triggers

Everyone has triggers that can set them off on a smoking rampage. It’s good to write these down as well. Think of all of the things that make you want to smoke a cigarette.

Here’s a list of questions to get you started:

  • Do you primarily smoke out of boredom?
  • Do you smoke when someone cuts you off in traffic?
  • Do you prefer to smoke after meals?
  • Do you only smoke when you drink alcohol?
  • Do you smoke when you get nervous?
  • Do you smoke when you’re anxious?
  • When you’re angry, do you immediately light one up?

Again, everyone is different and you will have different trigger points. Use these examples above to create your own list.

Stop Buying Cartons

You have to reduce your supply of smokes. The more you have around your home, the more you’re just going to smoke. Furthermore, if you’re quitting cold turkey then you should rid your home of all of your smoking things. Give your lighters away, throw away your ashtrays, and get rid of any other cigarettes. Out of sight and out of mind is my motto.

Find Replacements

My smoking addiction was orally and motion fixated. This means that I liked the act and motions of smoking, and I liked to chew on things. It’s comforting. I found that stirring straws, tooth picks, and chewing gum were all replacements that I could holistically use to get the same feeling as going through the motions of smoking.

We know that you’re an adult, and you can choose to smoke if you want to. We just want you to be healthy and informed. We also want to educate you on the consequences of smoking, so if you’d like to learn more about why it’s so bad for you then please read the related posts below.

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