free Kickboxing Classes in Raleigh Kickboxing and muay thai are fighting techniques and contact sports that combines kicking and punching. Gracie offers muay thai and kickboxing classes in Raleigh NC that can be utilized to learn self defense moves or to get in great physical shape. When you up the cardio aspect with kickboxing and muay thai and add these types of movements to your daily, or weekly, exercising routines, you’ll notice a whole body transformation. There are many healthy benefits that come from practicing kickboxing that help both the mind and body get stronger.

For starters, taking muay thai and kickboxing classes in Raleigh at Gracie means you are going to get a whole body workout. From your arms, down to your feet, everything is going to get trimmed down and toned up. Kickboxing alone burns almost 800 calories during an hour workout, so combining elements of this sport, plus muay thai into your own workout routine will show you quick and positive gains as the extra body weight just melts off. You’ll also gain a lot flexibility and muscle lengthening, as well as core body strength in your legs, trunk, arms and shoulders. You’ll be a lean, mean, fighting machine after training at Gracie Raleigh.

Gracie’s Muay Thai and kickboxing classes are also great for learning valuable self defense moves. You can turn your workouts into a powerful personal defense weapon by learning how to apply some of the basic moves in real-life scenarios. Our coaches will teach you the best ways to react to an attack, including where and how to stand, how to move around, and the most beneficial ways of fighting back.

After you learn these awesome new self defense skills, you and your family will have greater peace of mind. Muay Thai and kickboxing builds a tremendous amount of self-confidence and mental toughness in our athletes. In a short time, you’ll gain knowledge and training that will not only build a strong body, but a strong mind as well. You’ll be able to fend off any unwanted confrontation in a cool and controlled manner. You’ll also be able to release all of that pent up stress, frustration, and aggression that you’ve been carrying around for months on end. The release you’ll feel from all of the kicking and punching can be life changing, but not without extreme concentration and focus. Dedication is required to reap the full rewards of our martial arts classes in Raleigh, but rest assured that you will feel a renewed sense of calm after each lesson, and these valuable skills keep our athletes coming back again, and again, for regular training.

Kickboxing Classes in Raleigh NC for Women

FIT Club for Women is where CrossFit meets Kickboxing. Don’t worry, this program does not use any heavy weights and nobody will be getting punched in the face, but we did utilize over 10 years of Mixed Martial Arts and CrossFit experience to design a class that will give you the best of both worlds.

This program is specifically designed for women on a tight schedule. Forty-five minute classes begin with a dynamic warm up that leads into an intense 30 minute session of punching, kicking, plyometrics, kettlebells and more in a circuit training format. We will constantly change the functional movements that are being performed with high intensity to produce optimal results. No workout is the same, we guarantee that you will never get bored. If you want to learn to defend yourself and get out aggression while burning fat and toning your muscles, this class is for you! Call us today to learn more.

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