More Gi Buying Tips

taekwondo classes in raleighWe’re back with the final installment in our short series on everything thing you need to know about buying a new gi. If you’re just now joining us, we urge you to go back and read over parts one and two. Here’s a short recap.

In part one we discussed the different types of weaves that gis are made of, and their features. Part two talked about the importance of buying the right kind of gi for your sport, and why some gis are not versatile enough to use in multiple disciplines. Below are the links back to part one and two:

In today’s post, we’re rounding out the series talking about size, colors, and other tidbits. If you’re bored with taekwondo classes in Raleigh NC, why not switch it up? Call Gracie Raleigh today to learn more about all of our awesome martial arts classes, including BJJ and muay thai.

More Awesome Gi Buying Tips

What’s My Size?

So you want to buy a new gi but you’re not sure about your size? For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the typical adult sizes start at A0 and run through A6. The A stands for Adult; the number 0 equals a small and 6 stands for large. For kids needing a new BJJ gi, their sizes are M0 – M4 with the same format for numbers. Just like with regular clothes, each manufacturer’s sizes will be different, so be sure to check their specific sizing chart before purchasing.

Does Color Matter?

The short answer is it depends. Is your gi for training, competition, or both? If you’re buying a new gi just for training, then any color will do. Even urban camo is fine. However, if you’re looking for a gi that can be used for competition then you’re going to want to stick with white, black, or blue.

Hopefully the tips we’ve laid out over the last three posts will help you answer any questions you have about buying a new gi. When you’re ready to start training with the best, call Gracie of Raleigh. We can help you get better.

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