How to Buy Your First Gi

karate classes in raleighAre you just starting martial arts and need to buy your first gi? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade, or maybe you just want a new gi for an upcoming competition?

In this short series, we’re going to give you all the information you could ever want so you can pick out a perfect gi that’s comfortable and performance ready. If you’re getting tired of¬†traditional karate classes in Raleigh, call Gracie today. We can give you a new challenge.

How to Pick Out A New Gi

Before you go out and just buy something, do some research and get informed. Let’s find out what makes for a good quality gi.

All About the Weaves

When buying a new gi, it’s a good idea to understand the different types of weaves. This will give you an idea of the thickness and durability. The typical types of weaves you’ll encounter are: Single, Gold, Double, and Ultra-Light. Below we look at these in more detail.

Single – This is more of a budget gi, moderately durable and good for beginners. However, you might be wanting an early upgrade.

Gold – Widely considered the best overall gi, it’s a hybrid of the single and double weaves. It’s a very durable, yet light, material that is also versatile and can be used in competitions. Features competition legal length jacket and pants.

Double – This weave style is on the heavier side. These can also be more expensive as they’re also very durable. That being said, the double weave gi is not very popular. They are heavy, pretty stiff, and can also be uncomfortable. Also not very good for competitions as they make you heavier and weigh you down.

Ultra-Light – Comfortable, durable, flexible and light, this style of gi is great for anyone that is looking for an edge. These gis are great for warm weather climates and especially the summer months. Best of all, they hold up well under pressure.

We hope today’s post helps you learn more about what makes up a good gi. Don’t miss part two of this series where we talk about fit, comfort, and more. If you’re looking to up your self defense skills, or just want a new challenge, keep reading to see how Gracie Raleigh can help you.

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