Welcome to Gracie Raleigh

Welcome! We are happy you have decided to join Gracie Raleigh and become a part of our community. Our experienced staff are committed to providing you with the best coaching available in the Raleigh area. The first few months will be challenging but remember, we all begin our journey as the “Nail”. Your fellow Gracie Raleigh teammates went through the same struggles and will be there to help you “Become the Hammer”. The following is a list of tips that should help you to make the most of your experience here:

GETTING STARTED: Make sure to fully read through this email, the gym rules, and our Frequently Asked Questions before your first class. Once you have finished reading these materials, please respond to this email saying “I am ready to start”. You will need a gi for Jiu-Jistu class, and 16 oz gloves and shin guards for Muay Thai. You need to purchase the No Gi kit (Rashguard and grappling shorts) before your first No Gi class, but it isn’t required to start. If you already have a gi, you need to purchase a Gracie Raleigh Patch and put it on your gi before your first class. If you don’t have any prior Jiu Jitsu experience, your first class must be a Gracie Fundamentals class.

PARKING: To find out where and how to park, please read the document here. Gym doors open 10 minutes before class. If there is a class before yours please wait for it to finish before coming up.


Frequently Asked Questions: We’ve made a PDF with answers to frequently asked questions and other important information to make the most of your experience. PLEASE READ IT HERE.


GYM RULES: We have a set of guidelines we ask all members to follow. These can be viewed online here. Please make sure to familiarize yourself with them.


CLASS RESERVATIONS: We require our members to RSVP to save their spot before class. Spots open up 48 hours before the class time. You must reserve and check in with the Zenplanner member app, you can download it hereIf you are unable to make it to class please cancel your reservation as soon as possible. You can see how to reserve your spot in class with the app here. Make sure to cancel your reservation as soon as possible if you aren’t going to make it to class or if you are no longer checking your spot on the wait list. You are only able to reserve one Jiu-Jitsu class per a day.

GEAR AND EQUIPMENT: You are required to have the proper gear for each class you attend. If you don’t have proper equipment for class you will need to rent it for $10 or skip class. For Jiu Jitsu class you must have a Gi with a Gracie Raleigh patch on it, your belt, and a shirt or rashguard underneath. For Muay Thai class you need 16oz gloves and shin gaurds. For No Gi class you must have your belt, a rashgaurd and non mesh shorts or gi pants.


PROMOTIONS: Gracie Jiu-Jitsu students are eligible for belt promotions every three months. Fundamentals students are promoted based on attendance up to their second stripe. You can see the fundamentals promotion schedule in the FAQ pdf here.


MUAY THAI:  After you have completed 25 classes you can participate in Friday Sparring. Until then, you may participate in the regular Friday class, or do bag work.


HYGIENE:  Following the steps in our hygiene document will help keep our gym a clean and safe training environment. Make sure to read our hygiene rules here.


UPDATES: All announcements regarding upcoming events, class cancellations, and general updates will be emailed and posted to the Facebook Members’ Group and on our announcement board located behind the front desk as well as by email. To keep up to date on events Join the members’ Facebook group by clicking here.

MEMBERSHIP HOLDS/CANCELLATIONS:  If you wish to put your membership on hold or cancel for any reason, please fill out a request form. The form is located on the Gracie Raleigh website. From now on we will not be processing requests to hold or cancel without the proper form. To place your membership on hold click here. To request a cancellation click here. We do not do holds for kids memberships.

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