More Types of Muay-Thai Punches

muay-thai classes in raleighWelcome back to our continuing series on Muay-Thai punches. In our previous post, we highlighted three Muay-Thai punches that delivered fight altering blows to your opponent. In this post, we will showcase more punches that Muay-Thai fighters should learn and have in their arsenal for their next fight.

Regardless of which technique you are working on, one of the most crucial elements of your Muay-Thai practice is having the right gear. Selecting and learning how to use hand wraps helps protect two of your most valuable assets in a fight, your hands and your wrists.Here are more Muay-Thai punches you should know. Searching for the best muay-thai classes in Raleigh, call Gracie Raleigh and sign up for a free session.

A powerful and potentially knockout inducing punch, an uppercut targets the most vulnerable part of the face – the chin. Only useful at very close range, the uppercut can be effectively countered with a cross punch and can be worked into several combinations easily to help inflict maximum damage on your opponent.

Need to measure the distance between yourself and your opponent or are you looking for a way to set up a combo move? A jab is your answer. If timed correctly, a well-placed jab can stop a charging opponent or a counter attack. The movement can also be used to compromise your opponent’s guard and open an opportunity to land a head kick or a cross punch.

While a swing punch lacks the power of a hook punch, it does allow a fighter to overcome a long distance between themselves and their opponent. Typically used in combination with another punch like a jab, the swing is an excellent way to surprise your opponent. Though it lacks power, the swing will keep your opponent nervous and off guard.

Spinning Back Fist
A more advanced punch technique like the spinning back fist requires practice and solid footwork to be executed well. With the rotational movement of this punch and the centrifugal force that is generated by the spin, this punch can contain a lot of power. To execute this difficult move, you will need to step out with your lead leg and turn your body. Then lift your dominant leg and spin around on your non-dominant leg with your dominant hand extended fully. The back of your hand and knuckles or the bottom part of your fist are what makes contact with your opponent when this move is executed correctly. The spinning back fist has the power to knock someone out if it makes contact.

While it may be tempting to move on to more advanced punches, the reality is that mastering the basic punches of Muay-Thai will help you build a strong foundation on which to develop your more advanced library of moves. The combinations that can be made from basic punches when they are combined with elbows, knees, clinches, feints, and fakes are endless.

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