The Different Types of Muay-Thai Punches

muay thai training in raleigh ncMuay-Thai fighters learn to land powerful punches on their opponents. By combining punches, kicks, elbows, and knee strikes fighters are able to defeat their opponents in MMA fights and be successful in the ring. Most of the Muay-Thai that is taught today is a hybrid version of Thai kickboxing, and this means that the traditional arsenal of Muay-Thai punches now includes overhands, shovel hooks, and uppercuts.

Before you begin training to throw these opponent-leveling punches, ensure that you have the proper gear to do so. Protecting your wrists and hands with hand wraps while sparring and working the heavy bag is critical. For more information on how to wrap your hands for Muay-Thai practice, see our previous post. The right gear and the correct wrapping technique make all the difference.

There are many types of Muay-Thai punches. Each has their own benefits and requires a fighter to practice the move routinely to ensure proper form and follow through for the punch. If you’re searching for Muay Thai training in Raleigh NC, call Gracie Raleigh today.

Cross Punch
Thrown with the dominant hand, this punch garners most of its power from the swing of your body which helps propel your punch forward. To set up an effective cross punch you’ll need to use it as the finishing move in a combo. Most fighters use a jab and follow with a cross punch or start with a low kick with their non-dominant leg and land the cross with their dominant hand. When you are ready to execute the punch, move your weight from your back foot to your front foot and thrust your shoulder forward. As you do this, twist your hips to increase the power of your punch.

When your opponent lets their guard down, that is the right moment to throw a hook. While the most natural place to land your punch is the chin, many fighters forget to do damage with their hook punch by landing blows on their opponent’s rib cage using a shovel hook punch. The hook punch delivers explosive power when performed correctly. Don’t forget to twist your back and shoulders as you swing to up the devastation your punch packs.

Superman Punch
Though powerful and spectacular, the superman punch is an extremely technical move that requires lots of practice, good core strength, and excellent balance. Also known as the cobra punch, this move is performed by feinting a kick and then jumping towards your opponent and hitting them with a cross punch instead. Attempting to do this move without proper training can result in serious injury.

Join us next time for more match dominating punches for your Muay-Thai fights.

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