Treating Jiu Jitsu Back Pain

UFC gym in RaleighBack pain is more like a pain in the rear end. If you’re active, you’ve probably dealt with it at some point in your life. We see it all the time at our UFC gym in Raleigh. If you’re not very physically active, or sitting at your desk job, then you’re probably suffering from it right now.

Back pain is very common in the world of jiu jitsu and other grappling combat sports. However, it’s also a very common problem that hinders millions of Americans each year. We mentioned in our last post on back pain the people that are most at risk and where it generally comes from. Go back and read part one about jiu jitsu back pain here.

Today we’re going to continue the series by discussing your treatment options. These ideas will hopefully get your sore back back in shape so you’re not off the mat for too long. Tired of searching for a UFC gym in Raleigh to help you hit your goals? Call Gracie Raleigh! We’re not your typical martial arts gym as we specialize in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, muay thai, MMA, and more. Call today and ask about our free classes.

Treating Jiu Jitsu Back Pain Symptoms

Recognizing the Pain

Our first recommendation is that you stop what you’re doing as soon as you feel that something is wrong. Continuing to roll, or the activity you’re participating in, can make things worse, especially if you’ve suffered a spinal injury. So always keep your health and safety in mind.

Hot and Cold Packs for Immediate Relief

For immediate relief of back pain, you can use either a cold or hot pack. Each works a little differently. A heat pack or heating pad will reduce pain and spasms by increasing the blood flow to the affected area. Cold packs can deeply numb back pain and reduce swelling. However, neither will fully heal chronic back pain issues, and these options are only to provide temporary pain reduction.


Stretching is a great way to ease your back pain symptoms. Here’s a great resource that you can use to see a demonstration of the best back stretching exercises.


Work on your posture while you’re sitting at your desk, on the couch, or in your vehicle. Bad posture promotes back pain by putting more stress on back and neck muscles. Simply sitting up straight can do a lot for simple relief.

Seek Out Professional Help

Sometimes back pain can be so bad that professional help is needed. There are lots of non-surgery related options for you to choose from. You can visit your local chiropractor, get a massage, get acupuncture treatment, see an acupressure therapist, and even invest in a TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) unit. If you find that you have a ruptured disk, or severe back injury, please seek the advice of a trained medical professional.

If you want to avoid future jiu jitsu back pain episodes, be sure to check out our next post. You’ll find lots of helpful ideas to keep you on the mat instead of on the sidelines. If you’re looking for a new martial arts challenge, or MMA training, keep reading to see why you should call Gracie Raleigh as soon as possible.

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