Treating BJJ Hand and Wrist Injuries

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How to Treat Your Injured Hand or Wrist

Rest – Ice – Elevate

Resting, icing, and elevating, otherwise known as the R.I.E. method, is used to treat a magnitude of sports injuries, especially those involving the hand and wrist. First, you rest your injured hand or wrist. This means stopping what you’re doing as soon as you can.

Next, you ice it down. We suggest 10 – 20 minutes on and off during the first two days of the injury. Try to use the ice at least ten times during that two day stretch. This will help keep any swelling down. Also elevate the injury above your heart to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Wet Heat

On the third day of treatment, use wet heat treatment. By now the swelling should be over with, so using heat should be okay. This will help promote healing by increasing the blood circulation to the infected area. An increased blood flow carries more oxygen to the area which speeds up the healing process.


Also be sure to wear a brace for the next few days. A brace will support your wrist and also prevents further injury by immobilizing it.

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