Tips for Muay Thai Beginners

Taekwondo Classes in RaleighIf you have been thinking about trying Muay Thai, you might have gotten a little nervous. After all, trying something new can be a daunting experience! Wondering what the first lesson will be like can be scary for some, but it does not have to be. Gracie Raleigh can help you keep your apprehensions down by working with the best instructors in the business. Training at Gracie allows you to become a part of the best martial arts gym in the Triangle area.

Muay Thai is a full-contact sport and great for learning self defense. It is renowned for its emphasis on great conditioning and hard sparring. When you’re first starting out, things might be a little awkward. However, as you complete each training class your skills will get better and your movements will become more sharp.

Here are few things that you should realize before starting your Muay Thai journey.

Not in Shape?
Not a problem! This is a skill based sport and we focus on the techniques, not your physical conditioning. You will have to have a certain level of patience in the beginning, because your conditioning will improve after each class. Muay Thai is a great workout and the more classes you take, the better shape you’ll be in. After a while, you’ll notice your form and technique will get faster and your kicks, punches, and elbows will land harder. In the beginning, you might find yourself gassing out after a few rounds; that’s ok. Just pace yourself and focus on the doing the techniques with the correct form. We’re a big family at Gracie Raleigh and no one here will expect a new person to be in world-class shape. We will make you feel comfortable and welcome.

Be Patient!
You’re probably going to suck at first. This is natural because you have to start somewhere. Every great fighter was not born that way. There is hard work and dedication that is required to become a proficient Muay Thai fighter. Look, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it, right? So just know that when you start, you are going to be learning a lot and it will feel a little awkward at first. As time goes by, your body will become a weapon and you’ll be able to defend yourself if a situation arises.

Watch Online Fights!
Before you start your training, and during your training, watch as many Muay Thai fights as you can. There are hundreds of online videos out there to help you learn the movements and to get yourself familiar with techniques. Just use google to search for the best fights and instructional videos. You can actually greatly improve your knowledge of the sport by watching the professionals.

Be sure to take a look at part two where we’ll be discussing even more things that you should be expecting when starting Muay Thai.

Are You Looking for Taekwondo Classes in Raleigh?

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