More Tips for Heavy Bag Training

Raleigh Boxing GymsWelcome back to our continuing series on heavy bag training. In our previous post, we have covered the right way to wrap your hands and why heavy bag training is an essential part of your workout. Today we’ll look at some more tips to keep in mind as you work through your heavy bag routine.¬†Remember, the time you spend with the heavy bag is crucial for your development as a fighter. When asked what the secret to being a great fighter is, most professional fighters will tell you it’s time spent with the heavy bag. Don’t skimp on your workout time with the bag. Your technique, form, and stamina will thank you for it. Let’s take a closer look. Looking for Raleigh boxing gyms in 2018? Call Gracie Raleigh. We’re so much more than a traditional boxing gym.

More Heavy Bag Training Tips

Here are some more important things to keep in mind as you prepare for your next heavy bag workout.

Use the Whole Bag: Don’t just keep hitting the same spot. Working high and low on the bag will allow you to work your technique as well as prepare you for a variety of movements by your opponent as you spar.

Harness the Power of Movement: Punching and moving together adds power to your punches. Stepping into your punches and using as much of your body as possible during your follow through will help you deliver those opponent crushing blows.

Retract Your Punches: Powerful punches come from up top. Keep your hands up to get the right power and use the proper technique for your punches. Retracting your punches back to your head/face helps ensure that you’re in the right position for optimal power and position.

Punch the Right Way: Ensure that your hand is hitting the bag the right way by torquing your hand as you punch. The pointer and middle knuckles should be the two knuckles that hit the bag. Hitting the bag and moving your hand in the motion of pouring water out of a cup should help you add power to your punch and avoid injury.

Measure the Distance: Know how close you need to be to the bag in order to deliver those powerful blows. Get a feel for where your punches are landing on the bag and adjust accordingly. Hooks and uppercuts will have you positioned closer to the bag while crosses and jabs will position you farther away.

Focus Your Breathing: Knowing when to inhale and exhale as you make contact with the bag is essential. Inhale as you pull your arm back and exhale as you punch. Following this breathing pattern will help you get the full force with your punches.

Time with the heavy bag is essential for building your technique and learning how to get the maximum accuracy and power for your punches. Skipping your heavy bag time will only hurt your performance and diminish your power.

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