Tips for Proper Heavy Bag Training

Boxing Classes in RaleighWhether you are a seasoned pro or a beginning fighter, using a heavy bag in your training is indispensable. Using the bag correctly can help you avoid injury and further your training. From boxers to muay thai fighters to MMA superstars, the heavy bag is your best friend if you’re looking to make an impact in the ring. Here’s what you need to know about using the heavy bag the right way. Ready to try a more challenging alternative to regular boxing classes in Raleigh NC? Call Gracie. We’re the best BJJ and muay thai gym in town.

How To Properly Train On A Heavy Bag

Protect Your Hands – In a previous post, we shared a step by step guide to wrapping your hands. Not only is learning the correct wrap technique essential for protecting your hands it also protects your wrists while you develop your strength and accuracy against the bag. Ensure that you have invested in wraps that are the right length and good quality bag gloves. Punching the heavy bag without protection can lead to a severe knuckle, hand or wrist injury.

Don’t Skip the Warm Up – Whether you spend 5 to 10 minutes skipping rope or shadow-boxing to reinforce your technique, getting the blood flowing and getting yourself mentally ready to take on the bag is essential. Elevating your heart rate and warming your muscles up not only provides you with a boost of energy but it also helps reduce the likelihood of injury.

Set a Goal, Then Swing – Know what you are looking to accomplish in your heavy bag session before you begin. Swinging blindly at the bag for 30 seconds and wearing yourself out will not help you become a better fighter. However, focusing on things like speed, accuracy or footwork will. Have a plan for each heavy bag session.

Get Back to Basics – Work your basics consistently. Successful fighters have thrown tens of thousands of jabs at their heavy bags. There is no substitute for a solid foundation when it comes to technique.

Know Your Range – Maximal power development comes from full, proper extension of your arms and legs. Don’t cheat yourself out of power by standing too close to the bag. Standing too far away from the bag can cause you to overextend your kicks and punches and hinder your technique or injure yourself.

Watch the Bag – Look where you are throwing punches. Checking your stance and technique in the mirror periodically is ok but don’t run the risk of injuring yourself with a poorly aimed or mistimed shot because you are distracted. Keep your eyes on the bag and keep your technique tight.

Stay in the Zone – Keeping your eye on the bag metaphorically speaking is essential as well. Train deliberately and with pre-established goals in mind. Not only will this help you get the most out of every session but it will also help prepare you mentally to be a fighter. Don’t cut corners and switch up drills frequently to keep your technique from becoming lazy and your brain from going on auto-pilot.

Wind Down – Rehydrating and cooling down are essential after a tough heavy bag workout. Allow your heart rate to return to normal and stretch your muscles thoroughly. Eat a good meal and review your session in your head. Set your goals for your next workout.

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