Strength and Conditioning MMA Training Mistakes to Avoid Making

bigstock--130947752Requiring both explosive power and a remarkable amount of endurance, MMA is one of the most physically demanding sports around. Training smart and avoiding common conditioning mistakes can help you reach your training goals and perform well in your next fight.

Here are the most common mistakes made by those who are training in MMA. If you’re thinking about trying out Raleigh boxing classes this fall, we have a better idea! Call Gracie Raleigh instead to learn about our muay thai and other martial arts classes. We’re one of the best kickboxing gyms and more.

Focusing on High-Intensity Training Only
Relying solely on high-intensity methods without taking the time to develop an aerobic base can deprive you of specific cardiovascular benefits. Interval training has become a mainstay of the majority of MMA programs. Slower endurance training has been written off by many amidst claims that it will cause strength and muscle loss. However, these claims are untrue. Distance training provides the cardiovascular benefits that MMA fighters need that interval training does not offer.

Too Much Tabata
Many programs are relying on Tabata intervals for all aspects of their training. Lower intensity training methods have been proven to be less efficient than the mix of high-intensity work for 20 seconds and 10 seconds of rest, but the technique was tested on a bicycle during a research study. The results have been applied to all forms of training rather than utilizing the different intervals that should be used for various training types.

Skipping Extra Conditioning
Regular and consistent training needs to be a part of your training program. Conditioning should take place year round, not just in the weeks or months leading up to a fight. Extra conditioning work outside practice is essential. If you are practicing MMA just to stay in shape, then extra conditioning is less critical but skipping the extra conditioning if you plan to take your MMA skills to the ring or the cage is a major mistake.

Failing to Coordinate Conditioning and MMA Training
Syncing all aspects of your training together helps you get a more well-rounded workout. Conditioning and MMA training goals should complement each other. For instance, if you are working on improving your aerobic base, lower intensity work should be included in your MMA training. Blindly following a general MMA training program that doesn’t meet your specific needs or put the focus on your goals does not lend itself to making you a well-rounded fighter.

Doing Strength Complexes for Days
Strength complexes have become overused in MMA training. Using a variety of methods to improve your performance is necessary for MMA. Complexes are just one method of training and are not the most efficient form of strength training for MMA fighters. They are also not the most effective way to increase your strength, muscle endurance, or cardiovascular conditioning.

As your fight date approaches, the amount of conditioning that you do to prepare should increase. Coordinating your training approach long before the fight deadline is one of the fastest ways to see dramatic improvements in your physical condition.

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