Standards for a Legal BJJ Competition Gi

Thanks for joining us for part two on IBJJF gi standards. These standards are used to determine if your gi is competition legal for IBJJF tournaments. If you’re just now joining us, part one of this series discussed the consequences of not having a legal gi when trying to enter a tournament, the proper colors, undershirts, and more. You can read yesterday’s post by clicking here: IBJJF Competition Gis, Part One

In today’s post, we’re going to cover more legal gi requirements, such as measurements, patches, belts and more. Do you have a son or daughter with an interest in kids martial arts in Raleigh NC? Call Gracie today! We have a great junior’s program that does not require any contract for kids.

IBJJF Standards for a Legal Gi

Paint and Patches

This one might seem a little confusing because it is illegal to wear a kimono that has been painted, unless the painted section is an academy or sponsor logo. The painted logo must also be in a specific patch placement zone in the diagram below. Painted gis must also be dried. If the paint rubs off on your opponent’s gi, then you will be forced to change.

Your gi can also be adorned with patches, as long they are stitched in with a seam, in the appropriate place, and made from a cotton fabric. Glued on patches and ones in an unauthorized region will be removed by the gi inspector. Below you’ll find a diagram from the IBJJF website that outlines legal patch placement.

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Your competition ready gi will also have to meet certain measurement requirements. For the top, the gi should long enough to reach your thigh. The sleeves should measure 5 cm from the athlete’s wrist, when the arm is extended straight and parallel to the floor. Other gi top measurements include the following:

  • Lapel thickness – 1.3 cm
  • Width of GI collar – 5 cm
  • Opening of sleeve at full extension – 7 cm

The pants of your gi should reach no more than 5 cm above your ankle bone. Below you’ll find a diagram from the IBJJF website that outlines legal gi measurements.

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Requirements for Belts

You should wear the color of belt that represents your rank. The belt should have a black tip unless your rank is black belt; then it should have a white or red tip. The belt should be made from a durable material that is 4 to 5 cm wide. It is to be worn over the top of your gi at the waist. It should be wrapped twice and tied using a double knot. It should be tight enough to hold your top closed, and hang 20 to 30 cm in length.

If you’re ready to move into tournaments, then making sure your gi is competition legal will ensure you’re not disqualified and left out. For more information, please visit the IBJJF website. If you’re still unsure about your gi, give Gracie Raleigh a call today. We can help you determine if your gi, or your child’s is IBJJF legal.

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