Is Your Gi Legal for BJJ Competition?

Martial Arts Schools in Raleigh NCIf you’re ready to give a few BJJ competitions and tournaments a try, then you have to be sure your gi is competition legal.

Before you can compete, you’ll have to get your gi checked by an official. Typically they will have a set of calipers and a measuring tape to determine if your gi is legal for IBJJF competition. If your gi does not pass, you might have to back out, especially if you cannot find a legal replacement. Even worse, getting disqualified can leave you without a refund of your entry fee, and all that travel time and preparation will be for nothing.

In today’s post, we’re going to give you all the information you need to determine if your gi is as ready as you are for tournament time. If you’re looking for affordable martial arts schools in Raleigh, Gracie should be your number one choice. Call us right now for more details about out free classes for beginners.

Is Your Competition Gi Legal?

Material and Colors

Your competition legal gi should be made from cotton, or a cotton-like fabric only. Woven fabric is mandatory for all divisions, including juvenile, adult, master and senior. The weave should not be too thick or hard to the point where your opponent cannot grip it. The collar of your kimono can have EVA, or similar material inside, as long as it meets IBJJF size and rigidity regulations.

You gi must also be uniform in color, meaning you cannot mix and match the colors of your tops and pants. Also, your kimono must have a matching collar and top. Legal gi uniform colors that are permitted include white, royal blue, and black.

Other Legal Gi Requirements

For males, the use of an undershirt is prohibited. Women, however, can wear a shirt underneath their gi. It’s actually mandatory in the female divisions. Female undershirt requirements state that it must be made from a stretchy or elastic material, and it must hug the body. The shirt can have short or long sleeves and does not have to adhere to the color requirements of the gi. Women can also wear one-piece swimsuits, or a gymnastic suit.

We hope today’s post will give you a better idea about competition legal jiu jitsu gis. Be sure to join us for part two of this series which will be posted tomorrow. We’ll be discussing even more IBJJF gi standards. If you’re ready to learn from the best coaches in the Triangle area, keep reading to see how we can help.

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