More Ways to Treat Hand and Wrist Injuries

raleigh boxing classesThanks for joining us for another installment on BJJ hand and wrist injuries. Today we’re talking about more ways to treat hand and wrist injuries from BJJ.

If you missed our last post on these types of injuries and how to treat them, be sure to go back and read it. You’ll find it, and other related posts, linked at the bottom. Today we’re going to continue with more options you can use to help your hand and wrist injuries heal.

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More Ways to Treat Hand and Wrist Injuries

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Believe it or not, keeping yourself hydrated helps reduce injury time. When your body is dehydrated more tissue can become inflamed. So be sure to drink plenty of water when you’re trying to reduce your healing time.

Good Sleep and Rest

Your body heals itself the most when it’s sleeping. That’s why it’s really important to let your body get the sleep and rest it deserves. The reason is because healthy sleep promotes healthy bone marrow. Bone marrow is the spongy tissue inside the bones that contains stem cells. Stem cells eventually form the blood cells in our body which promote healing.


Don’t eat a lot of junk and fast food when you’re injured. These only promote more inflammation. Nutrient dense food builds strong bones and muscles and promotes a quicker recovery.

Stress Balls and Other Exercises

When your injured hand and wrist is finally up to exercise start out by gently rehabbing. Using a stress ball is a perfect way to start as you can use your own strength to test your pain limits. Stress balls provide light resistance, promote hand and wrist circulation, and build back grip strength.

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