More of the Best BJJ Submissions

taekwondo classes in raleighThanks for coming back to learn more about the best submissions you can use in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA training. If you’re new to the series then you should really go back and read over parts one and two. To recap, part one introduced us to the top three submissions used, and the ones you should try to learn first. Part two covered another four submissions that you should be familiar with. And today, we’re going to round out the series with our final suggestions.

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Below we’ll list our final thoughts one the best submissions you should learn. If you’re bored with taekwondo classes in Raleigh NC, why not switch it up? Call Gracie Raleigh today to learn more about all of our awesome martial arts classes.

More Awesome BJJ Submissions

Kimura Armlock – This one is also called the chicken wing and the figure 4 armlock. This submission was named after the famous judoka, Masahiko Kimura. Masahiko Kimura used this move to defeat Master Helio Gracie during a grappling match in 1951. This is a powerful move that forces your opponent’s arm behind their back and puts immense pressure on the shoulder and elbow joint. The kimura is mostly applied from guard and side mount.

Straight Ankle Lock – This submission is also known as the straight foot lock or Achilles lock. It’s also one of the most commonly used, and fundamental leg submission holds that you’ll learn. This ankle lock will make your opponent tap out because of two main reasons: 1 – muscle and ligaments on the top of the foot will be hyperextended. 2 – The Achilles tendon at the back of ankle will be compressed.

To perform the straight ankle lock, you control one of your opponent’s legs with your own legs, then apply pressure to their foot and ankle using your arms.

Short Choke – Also know as the Hadaka Jime, this submission is typically applied from the rear, or back position. At times, you will not need to engage your opponent with a full rear naked choke, and the short choke will work just as well. The short choke uses your forearm to choke out your opponent by closing off the windpipe.

Hopefully these tips will help you advance through the ranks so you can get better and acquire a new belt color to show off. When you’re ready to start training with the best, call Gracie of Raleigh. We can help you get better.

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