The Best Submissions Used in BJJ, Continued

 Karate Classes in RaleighWelcome back to the second part of our series on the best submissions for BJJ. If you’re just now joining us, you’ll definitely want to go back and read over part one. We talked about top three submissions, and gave a small definition of what they consist of. Hit the jump to read the top three BJJ submission holds.

In today’s post, we’re going to continue with the next four top submissions used in BJJ and other mixed martial arts. If taking karate classes in Raleigh NC interests you, how about trying something different? Gracie Raleigh offers the best in MMA, BJJ, muay thai, and more. Call us today to learn about our free classes.

The Top BJJ Submissions

The Guillotine – This submission is one of the top fundamentals of BJJ. It can be effectively applied from both the closed guard and standing positions. There are also a few different variations of the guillotine that you should learn, such as the 10 finger, high elbow, and the arm – in guillotine.

The Bow and Arrow Choke – This submission is specifically used when competing while wearing a gi. It’s widely regarded as the most powerful gi chokehold and is very popular with high level competitors as well as with smaller sized rollers. To perform the bow and arrow chokehold, you grip your opponent’s lapel and use your free arm to rotate your body relative to theirs which automatically tightens up the choke.

This choke is typically applied from the rear mount, but can also be used in rolling attacks versus the turtle position.

Americana Armlock – One of the first submissions you’ll probably learn when starting out on your BJJ journey is the Americana armlock. It’s a twisting submission that attacks the shoulder joint. It’s most often applied from the side mount position, but can also be used from mount,  guard and even the kesa gatame.

Sleeve Choke – This versatile submission can be performed from pretty much any position. This includes ones where you wouldn’t think you’d have many options, like inside your opponent’s guard, or the bottom of the mount.

If you’re into BJJ and want to excel, then you should do your best to perfect and train at learning these submissions. Don’t miss out on reading part three where we’ll cover even more techniques that will help you advance.

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