MMA Gifts for Women

mma training for women in raleighIf you’ve got a girl who is both pretty and tough on your shopping list this holiday season, then you may be scratching your head about where to begin your shopping. As more and more women are becoming involved in MMA, the gear for the sport is changing and responding to their unique needs and demands for equipment. The holidays are the perfect time to gift some fantastic new gear to your favorite MMA diva. Searching for MMA training for women in Raleigh? Call or come by Gracie Raleigh today!

After becoming a household name with her work in movies and TV, Ronda Rousey solidified her place in the UFC with her dominant fighting style. Fans everywhere can’t get enough of her, and she has become the face of women’s MMA. She’s even tougher outside the ring after being very open and public about her struggles with her mental health she proved that she isn’t just a champion in the ring. Give the strongest and most powerful woman you know the official walkout hoodie of this inspirational girl boss when you gift her the Reebok UFC Women’s Ronda Rousey Walkout hoodie.

Pink isn’t a sign of weakness on these Venum Contender Boxing gloves. There’s absolutely nothing delicate and ladylike about these tough and well-made gloves. With more and more women getting into MMA and kickboxing as forms of exercise, these gloves will give them the protection they need in a fun and stylish color.

Whether worn alone or under her favorite gi, the Tatami Ladies Zen Gorilla rashguard helps wick away sweat, keep muscles warm and protect against nicks and cuts again during sparring. Those who practice MMA can never have enough rashguards.

Want a great gift to go with a new rashguard? The Fuji All-Around Pink BJJ Gi was produced with input from UFC Champion Ronda Rousey. Perfect for both beginning and advanced fighters, this gi is designed to fit a woman and to be comfortable and durable. An extra gi is always a welcome gift for a fighter who may be too busy training always to get her laundry done.

Another thing that no MMA fighter can have enough of are tank tops and leggings. Venum’s Razor line of workout gear is both soft and durable. Designed with a feminine cut and a fabric that won’t irritate skin, these will soon become your favorite pieces of workout wear. With four-way stretch construction, this gear will last and last.

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Best MMA Training for Women in Raleigh for 2019

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