More MMA Conditioning Mistakes to Avoid

Mixed Martial Arts Schools in RaleighThanks for joining us for another look at common MMA conditioning mistakes and how to avoid them. In our previous post, we touched on the training errors that many MMA fighters make by spending too much time focused on high-intensity training, skipping extra conditioning, and not coordinating their training efforts. Our focus shifts today to the dietary needs that MMA fighters have and the common misconceptions about nutrition in the MMA world. Searching for the best self defense, BJJ, muay thai, or mixed martial arts schools in Raleigh, NC? Call Gracie Raleigh. Ask us about our free classes for beginners.

While MMA fighters are focused on making weight for fight day getting to your goal weight and being able to maintain that weight during training is essential for your overall performance and stamina. If you need to cut weight, managing your diet during your training can help you shed those extra pounds. As you train your body will naturally begin to ask for more calories by making you feel hungry, giving in to this urge and eating a little more while you are aggressively training is okay. However, don’t lose the calorie deficit that you are creating through your intense workouts by overdoing it when it comes to eating. For more on what MMA fighters should eat, see our previous post.

The dietary needs of an MMA fighter are complex. Stamina and energy are attained by adhering to a disciplined diet and training regimen. Finding the right combination of diet and the proper training moves to achieve your objectives both on and off the mat can be a challenging process. Many fighters find themselves frustrated when they begin to train because they make tons of adjustments but are still not seeing the results they desire. When this happens, it is important to evaluate what you are doing and ask for help from experienced trainers or sports nutritionists. These people can offer support and make recommendations that you need to begin to achieve your desired performance or weight class.

When your diet and your training program align, your body should efficiently burn calories for several hours after the conclusion of your training. Significant weight loss can be seen during the first few weeks of training. Combining muscle building weight lifting with high-intensity cardiovascular workouts and the right diet can have you on the path towards being ready for fight day in no time.

Focus, determination, and dedication are required of those who are interested in pursuing MMA. Mental toughness is just as necessary and essential as physical power, strength, and stamina. Before beginning an MMA training program, you will need to realize that the mindset needed to take on a challenging training program and a strict dietary plan is one of focus and determination. Starting MMA training without the drive and commitment necessary can be a recipe for failure.

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