More MMA Balance and Stability Exercises

Martial Arts Classes in RaleighWelcome back to our last post on balance and stability. If you’ve been following along, you know that we feel having these skills are very important for your martial arts development. We’ve talked about the benefits you’ll gain on offense and defense, it’s overall importance, and more. In fact, you’ll find links to these posts at the bottom of today’s blog.

In our last post we started talking about some the best MMA exercises for balance and stability training, and below you’ll find a few more. If you’re looking for affordable martial arts classes in Raleigh NC this summer, make Gracie your number one choice. We specialize in BJJ, muay thai, MMA, self defense training, and more. Don’t wait! Call today for more details.

More Exercises For Better Balance and Stability

BOSU Ball Exercises

BOSU stands for both sides up. It’s essentially half of an exercise ball with a solid platform on one side. You can place the rounded side on either side to work on your balance and stability. Weighted or body-weight balancing deadlifts are great for starting out. Once you’re comfortable, move on to one-legged BOSU ball shadow boxing drills. Be sure to switch legs between reps.

Balance Step Exercises

Balance steps are like smaller versions of the the BOSU ball, except they’re always placed round side up. These steps are designed for aerobic balance and stability training. Do lunges, squats, jump, and hopscotch on them to increase your skill levels.

Classic Balance Beam

The balance beam is a classic. As a kid, I remember seeing balance beams on every playground. We would see who could run across them the fastest, and without falling off. Take your training back to the playground days. See if there are any balance beams at any of your local parks or schools that you can workout on. If you have the space at your home, you can purchase one for around $100 on the internet.

For more information about balance and stability, please check out the other posts in this series.

For more fitness tips, exercises, and more, be sure to visit back with our blog really soon. If you’re looking to start the summer off on the right foot with your martial arts training, keep reading to see how Gracie Raleigh can help you with muay thai, BJJ, self defense, and more.

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