How to Measure Reach for Boxing

boxing gyms in raleigh, NCDid you know that there is a common misconception that your reach is the same as your height? In most cases this is untrue. Some boxers find after measuring that their reach is actually greater than their height. Knowing your reach can make the difference between winning a match and losing one. Searching for the best boxing gyms in Raleigh, NC? Gracie is number one! Call now to learn why!

Why Is Knowing My Reach Important?
Your reach allows you to give yourself a good defense against your opponents and can help you fight from the outside. An aggressive opponent can often be pushed back by a long reach which allows you to land powerful jabs and damage-inflicting power punches. Boxing outside may seem contradictory, however, if you have a longer reach you can stay outside and still be a formidable opponent. Repeatedly jabbing your opponent and frustrating them will eventually draw them closer to you, giving you the chance to land some devastating blows. Remember that nothing beats hard work and proper form when you box.

Measuring Your Reach
You won’t be able to measure your reach on your own. Once you have someone to help you with the process, you can begin. You’ll need a pencil or a piece of chalk and a measuring tape.

  • Step One: Keeping your back as straight as possible, stand next to a wall and put your back against it.
  • Step Two: With your palms facing away from the wall, spread your arms horizontally while touching the wall. Spread your arms as wide as possible in order to get an accurate measurement.
  • Step Three: Ensure that one of your arms is against a corner when you select your placement on the wall. This helps make the measuring process easier and more accurate.
  • Step Four: Mark the wall where your fingertips fall on your hand that is not in the corner.
  • Step Five: Measure from the corner to the mark on the wall to find your reach.

Knowing your reach is right up there with knowing your height and weight as far as critical statistics in boxing are concerned.

Capitalizing on Your Reach Advantage
When you are the taller fighter or have a greater reach advantage, there are multiple ways that you can use these factors to your advantage.

  • Keep the fight to the outside
  • Don’t fight at mid-range
  • Opt for a clinch if you begin to lose the exchange
  • Use your jab

Remember the further away you are from your opponent, the more powerful your strikes can be. Keeping your opponent at arm’s length can make it difficult for them to land effective blows and will help tire them out.

Join us next time for more on how to measure your reach.

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