Measuring Reach in Boxing, continued

boxing gym in Raleigh for womenWelcome back to our continuing series on measuring your reach in boxing. In our previous post, we looked at the advantages that come with having a long reach and how to measure your reach accurately. Knowing your reach is crucial in boxing. In this post, we will explore what happens when you are at a disadvantage with your reach. Looking for a boxing gym in Raleigh for women? Call Gracie Raleigh today to learn why we’re number one!

Know the Zones

When faced with an opponent who has a reach advantage over you it is crucial that you concentrate on the three key zones.

Safe Zone

This zone is where neither opponent can hit each other. When you are in this zone it is important that you focus on planning your attack and avoiding your opponent. Since you’ll be spending most of your time in this zone, get comfortable using this time during training bouts to slow your breathing and clear your thoughts.

Firing Zone

When you can hit each other, this is the zone where you’ll be able to do and sustain the most damage. Given that your opponent has a reach advantage over you, this is now where you can take the advantage away by connecting power shots to their body. Entering and exiting this zone as quickly as possible should be part of your strategy. Returning to the safe zone quickly where you can regroup and reevaluate your strategy is key.

Danger Zone

Hanging out in this zone is a bad idea. It’s called the danger zone because this is where your opponent can use their reach advantage over you to hit and continually connect with you. Unfortunately, because of your lack of reach, you will not be able to retaliate. Your stay in this zone should be limited.

How to Navigate the Danger Zone

Having a strategy to get across the danger zone can help minimize the damage you take. One of the best and safest ways to get across this zone is to use your opponent’s jab against them. Acting quickly and timing your blows properly is crucial. After they have thrown their shot, coming in behind the jab and making your move allows you to land your counterattack. Another strategy is to slip under the jab and move into the firing zone.

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