Maintaining Weight Over the Holidays

raleigh boxing gymsHalloween is over and now we enter into the main holiday season. This means that there will be lots of celebrating with friends and family. It also means that you’re going to probably be eating a lot of food.

Thanksgiving, alone, could mean eating gigantic meals four days in a row. All of this indulging will leave any combat sport athlete feeling overweight and out of shape.

But you don’t have to feel that way! In the next two posts, we’re going to give you tips on how to maintain your weight and not overeat. These tips will be especially important if you have a fight, tournament, or some other type of competition coming up that you need to make weight for. If you’re searching for Raleigh boxing gyms, we have a better idea! Call Gracie Raleigh instead! Ask about our muay thai and other martial arts classes. We can help you take your fitness to new levels!

How to Maintain Your Weight During the Holiday Season

No Off Time

Face reality and plan ahead. Know that you’ll be invited to many different holiday gatherings. Because of this, there is no off time. Many martial arts enthusiasts can take some time off during the holidays to rest, relax, and be with their families. However, this can lead to being overweight come competition time. The more weight you have to cut, the more work you’ll have to put in. So, don’t take any training time off this holiday season. Continue to work hard all year long.

No Excuses

Don’t make any excuses about training over the holidays. You can make time if it’s important to you. If keeping your fighting weight in check over the holidays is important, avoid excuses that will justify missing a training session. Furthermore, the holidays shouldn’t be used as an excuse anyway. If anything, the holidays should motivate you to train harder. This is especially true if you’re going to be drinking more calories than you would be normally.

Every Workout Counts

Every workout counts. So if you have a holiday party after work, or can’t attend a weekend training session because of a family obligation, get a short workout in at home. There are several home exercises that you can do that will help you maintain your fighting weight. All you really need is 15 – 20 minutes of spare time.

Be sure to join us for our next post on maintain your weight over the holidays. We’ll be covering even more great tips.

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