Kicking Exercises for Muay Thai

 Muay Thai training in Raleigh, NCImproving your kicks in Muay Thai is essential for accelerating your performance. While punches that are delivered with precision and power can help you bring an end to the fight, kicks have a significant advantage. When you kick at your opponent, you are striking them from a distance, making yourself a more difficult target to reach. Let’s check out the best kicking exercises. For the best Muay Thai training in Raleigh, NC, please call Gracie Raleigh!

Practicing your kicks in a variety of ways can help you build your technique and make you more confident during a match. These drills are designed to improve speed, power, accuracy, and overall kicking technique. Using your legs effectively in a fight begins with the proper setup and execution. These drills can help you improve your kicks for muay thai.

Handshake Drill
Ideal for beginners who need to practice throwing accurate roundhouse kicks. Since the roundhouse is one of the signature kicks in Muay-Thai learning the proper form and how to deliver the kick with power where you want it is crucial. To perform this drill, start by facing your partner in a good starting stance. With your right hand reach across your body and clasp your partner’s right hand. While your hands are clasped, bring your right leg up as to kick your partner’s left ribs. As you lift your leg, kick to ensure that you’re pivoting on your left foot. Turn your shoulders to the left and bring your left hand to your left temple. Repeat this move 50 times, then switch sides and repeat. Focus on your form and landing your kicks exactly where you want them.

Roundhouse Drills with Heavy Bag
Once you’ve mastered the mechanics and accuracy of a roundhouse kick, the next step is to bring speed to your kicks. This drill will improve the speed, precision, and power of your kicks. Together with a partner, stand to face your heavy bag with your partner behind it holding it steady. Take your opening stance and deliver a roundhouse kick to the heavy bag with your right leg. As soon as you have made contact with the bag, bring your right foot back to the floor. The ball of your foot should touch the floor, never the heel. Deliver your next roundhouse and keep moving. Repeat this exercise 50 times and then switch legs. Be sure to keep your body moving and bounce on the balls of your feet. Not only does this help you mimic movement during a fight it also helps build stamina, improve your balance and your core strength and provides a good cardio workout.

Turning the Wheel
Practicing this drill will add power to your kicks and is popular with Muay-Thai champions. Beginning with your left hand, throw a hook across your body towards an imaginary opponent. Bring the opposite hand across your body after you’ve thrown the hook. As you bring your second hand back turn your shoulders and hands over like you’re turning a steering wheel. As your practicing this turning motion, bring your leg with it, hitting the heavy bag with your shin. Perform this move 50 times and repeat on the other side.

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