More Kicking Exercises for Muay-Thai

cardio kickboxing in RaleighWelcome back to our continuing series on improving your kicks for Muay-Thai. In our previous post, we highlighted exercises that can help you build your strength, stamina, and accuracy for your kicks. Since kicking allows you to attack your opponent from a distance, practicing your kicks and developing them as a part of your Muay-Thai practice is essential. Here are some more exercises that will help you improve your Muay-Thai kicks. Searching for cardio kickboxing in Raleigh? Call Gracie!

Body Kick Mobility Drills
Due to the unusual movement associated with this drill, many people find that it is a difficult move to perform without repeated practice. To perform these drills, kick your leg to hip height and have your partner grab and hold it. Leaving enough play that your leg can turn, ask your partner to hold your leg. Move your opposite hand up to protect your face and the arm that matches your leg should push backward. Return to the initial position and repeat. Performing this exercise is also great for stretching your glutes and increasing the flexibility you need to execute a body kick.

Shin Conditioning Drills
Being able to use your shins to block your opponent’s kicks without taking much damage in the process is one of the most critical aspects of Muay-Thai. By conditioning your shins during training, you can help minimize the impact of your opponent’s blows. Deadening the nerves in your shins takes time, but with these conditioning drills, you’ll be able to lessen the nerve pain without damaging your shin bones. Start by kicking the heavy bag 200 times with each leg. Begin with light kicks, but about halfway through your drill, you should ramp up to full power. Be sure to take breaks and massage your shins to keep the blood flowing.

Kicking Balance with the Heavy Bag
Being able to deliver an effective kick while maintaining your balance is one of the most critical aspects of Muay-Thai. Using a heavy bag to help with your kicking balance is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re stable while you kick. Aim for the same spot each time you make contact with the bag. This will help you improve your accuracy and keep the bag from spinning while you kick. To perform this drill, stand in front of the heavy bag and lift one leg. Extend your leg fully and give the bag a solid kick. The initial kick will cause the bag to swing away from you. As the bag swings back, deliver a shorter kick with the same leg to stop it from swinging. Repeat these moves 50 times per leg.

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