Dealing with Jiu Jitsu Back Pain

Martial Arts in Raleigh NCBeing able to physically perform and compete in martial arts in Raleigh NC is why we train so hard. It’s at the core of what we do. That’s why eating right, exercising, strength training, and taking care of yourself is so important.

However, regardless of how hard we train, stretch, warm up, etc., there’s always that chance of injury. Whether it be a small or large one, injuries keep us on the sidelines and obstruct our progress. One common problem that most amateur and professional athletes of all sports deal with is back pain.

Over the course of the next two posts, we’re going talk about back pain, where it comes from, and how to treat it. Are you ready to take your training seriously? Is so, call Gracie Raleigh today. We offer the most affordable classes for martial arts in Raleigh NC, and free classes for beginners. Call us today with any questions, or click here to get started with BJJ, muay thai, MMA, and more!

What’s the Deal with Jiu Jitsu Back Pain?

So where does back pain come from? People in denial will tell you that they have a bad mattress, slept wrong, or something similar. In reality, there’s usually something else going on that they should be aware of.

Back pain affects about 65 million Americans, and it can come from all sorts of places. You can hurt your back by moving the wrong way, bending over, picking up your kids, moving furniture, and lots more.

Mechanical problems can also create back pain. These include spasms, tense muscles, and ruptured discs or disc breakdown. Back pain can also be a result of a condition or disease such as arthritis, kidney stones, scoliosis, certain infections, endometriosis, spinal stenosis, and more.

The people most at risk for back pain are generally older, however, back pain symptoms can start as early as between 30 to 40 years of age. Overweight people, smokers, and those that are not physically fit also carry higher risks of developing back pain.

Don’t miss our next post on back pain. We’ll be talking about treatment. If you’re looking for a new martial arts challenge, or just want to take your training to the next level, keep reading to see how Gracie Raleigh can help you become the best.

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