How To Improve Your Speed and Quickness For MMA

Kickboxing Gym in Raleigh NCToday we’re going focus one three elements of improving speed and quickness. These are focus, endurance, and power.

Focus drills will help you get your mind right before taking on an intense workout. Greater endurance will allow you to perform kicks and punches at a higher rate, and for longer periods of time. Power helps you to be more explosive for quick level changes, take-downs and take-down defense, and more. Did you know that Gracie is more than just a kickboxing gym in Raleigh, NC? That’s right! We’re Raleigh’s number one choice for affordable BJJ, MMA, Muay Thia, and Self Defense training. We even offer free classes for beginners. Call us today.

Exercises For Improving Speed and Quickness

Ladder Drills

Ladder drills are great for getting your mind tuned in for intense workouts and are also good for warming up as well. Ladder drills require a great deal of focus to quickly and efficiently move through the exercises. By working on ladder drills during your training sessions you’ll also increase your quickness, build strength, and improves coordination as well.

There are many different types of ladder drills. Some are complex and others are not. If you’re new to ladder drills then we advise that you take is slow at first. These drills focus on technique, efficiency, and speed. Take them seriously and your speed and quickness levels will soar. Here’s a few examples of basic ladder drills.

  • Cross Overs
  • Ali Shuffle
  • Icki Shuffle
  • Rotational Switch
  • 1 foot each square running
  • 2 feet each square running

Endurance Training

You have to work on your endurance if you do not want to get quickly gassed out during your training or match. Endurance training will also help you throw strikes quicker, with more power, and for longer periods of time. Long distance running, lap swimming, biking, rowing, stair climbing, and more, are all great examples for endurance training.

Broad Jumping

Did you know that plyometrics are great for speed training? Plyometrics are jumping exercises. They train your muscles to contract explosively in short intervals of time to produce more power. Increasing your explosive power in your leg muscles will help you with MMA throws, slams, and other take-downs. You’ll also be able to defend against take-downs with more power and quickness as well.

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