Most Important Fighting Muscles

Raleigh MMA gymNo one can dispute that MMA fighters and boxers are in incredible shape. It takes hours of training, time in the gym, and proper nutrition to achieve these fantastic results. Beginning MMA fighters and boxers often wonder if there are specific muscle groups that they should pay attention to in order to achieve success in the ring. While the answer that every muscle group is important is true, there are specific groups that benefit from having additional training time and emphasis placed on them. Looking for a great Raleigh MMA gym? Call Gracie Raleigh today.

Speed, Snap, and Power Delivery – Arms
The most important function of your arms is to connect the power of your punch to your opponent. While the power isn’t generated in your arms (that’s what your legs are for), they are responsible for delivering that power against your opponent. Fast arms with speed and snap help you sneak in those devastating punches that catch your opponent off guard and recovery quickly so that you can land another blow. Biceps are trained for the speed and snap of your uppercuts and hooks and triceps are essential for the speed of straight punches. One mistake that many new fighters make is adding too much bulk to their arms. Instead of giving you extra speed it will actually slow your punches down.

Power – Legs
Your calf and quad muscles are home to your power. They are responsible for pushing off the ground to help you generate power throughout your body. Your legs are also the largest muscles in your body which is why all proper punches are thrown with some sort of leg rotation or pivot. Being more muscular in your legs than in your arms is crucial for being able to deliver damaging blows to your opponent. Some of the most dynamic and complete fighters in history don’t have huge chests or overdeveloped arms. They do, however, have muscular, well-developed legs.

Balance and Lower Body Core – Hips
When you need extra power, your hips deliver. Pivoting your hips can move the strength of your entire body towards a kick or a punch against your opponent. Stronger hips give you better control of your balance and improve your efficiency and effectiveness of your overall fighting abilities. Moving your hips with every punch means that you will be able to put your entire body weight behind each blow you throw.

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