Most Important Fighting Muscles – Part 2

Raleigh MMA trainingWelcome back to our continuing series on the most important muscle groups in your body. In our previous post, we covered some of the most important muscle groups to focus on when you want to pack a powerful punch. While many beginning fighters make the mistake of bulking up their arms hoping to throw a more devastating blow, experienced fighters know that the real power behind a jab or hook lies in strong legs and hips. Training the right muscle groups will improve your technique and help you deliver the crushing blows and kicks in the ring that will lead you to success. Searching for the best Raleigh MMA training? Gracie Raleigh is number one! Call now to learn more.

Arm Endurance – Shoulders
While your shoulders do generate some power and snap for your punches, their most important function is endurance. When your arms get tired, the fatigue usually stems from your shoulder. Making your shoulders stronger doesn’t do much to add power to your punches, but working that small muscle at the edge of your arm that holds up your entire arm can add endurance.

Snap and Frontal Body Core – Abs
Your abs allow you to use all the force generated by your limbs to deliver a powerful punch. These muscles are responsible for holding your entire body together. Your abdominal muscles also help you to breathe effectively and withstand frontal body shots. Core strengthening exercises are crucial for new fighters.

Punch Recovery and Rear Body Core – Back
Did you know that not working your back out can leave you with weak punch recovery muscles? Many fighters focus on doing push ups and hitting the heavy bag, but few fighters take the time to develop the muscles in their back. Failing to build these muscles can leave you with arms that tire quickly in a fight. Instead of having your punches bounced back at you by strong back muscles, you’ll be forced to use your own strength to pull your arms back as your gloves become heavier and heavier.

Upper Body Core – Chest
Your chest muscles are the source of the punching power in your upper body core muscles. They combine the force of your arms, shoulders, and lats. Working your chest helps you develop additional stamina for quick jabs or repetitive movements.

Training in the gym with your trainer and working on your strength training outside the gym is crucial for developing these key muscle groups. While working all the muscles in your body is essential, focusing on the key areas where you are weak can help you generate more stamina, snap, and power.

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