Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

Kids Martial Arts in RaleighAs you and your family prepare for trick-or-treating next week, there are some essential safety items to consider. From choosing costumes that are free from hazards to keeping your yard and porch clear for visitors, simple preparations can make your night both fun and safe. Following a few simple tips will ensure that children of all ages are able to participate in the fun and excitement of Halloween. If you or your son or daughter is curious about adult or kids martial arts in Raleigh NC, call Gracie Raleigh. Our junior’s program does not require any contract obligations for children. Call today to learn more.

Costume Safety

No matter what your child wants to dress up like for Halloween, choosing a costume that doesn’t pose a hazard to your child’s safety is essential. Extremely long costumes or costumes that are oversized should be avoided. Costumes should be no longer than ankle length. Avoid shoes that are hard for your child to walk in like monster feet, oversized clown shoes, or high heels. While a knife, sword, or wand may complement the outfit perfectly, be sure to choose one with blunt edges that is made of plastic or other soft materials. Choose face paint instead of a mask or cut the eye holes larger for your child so they will have unrestricted sight.

Trick-or-Treat Safety

Older children who are over the age of 13 are old enough to trick-or-treat without direct adult supervision. Requiring your older children to follow some simple rules can help them stay safe and enjoy the time trick-or-treating with their friends. Ensure that your child has a fully charged cell phone and know who they will be going around the neighborhood with. Remind your teen that they are never to get into a stranger’s car or enter the home of someone they do not know. Be sure that your teen has a curfew in place and that they will be with a group of three or more children while they are out.

For younger children who trick-or-treat with their parents, follow your community’s guidelines for hours when neighbors can expect children to ring their doorbell. Do not allow children to eat candy until you have had a chance to inspect it in a well lit place. All candy should be sealed in its original packaging before your children are allowed to have it.

Traffic Safety

Traffic accidents are the most common source of injury during Halloween. Research has shown that 38 percent of accidents that occur on Halloween night involve a driver that is either drunk or under the influence of drugs. Adding reflective tape to costumes, treat bags, and masks can significantly increase the visibility of children to drivers. Equipping your child with a flashlight or a blinking safety light can also help them stay safe as they make their way door to door. Review pedestrian safety rules with your child before you head out for the night and be sure to stick to well lit areas.

For more Halloween and trick-or-treating safety tips, please jump ahead to our next blog.

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