More Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

kids martial arts in raleigh ncHalloween is almost here and the staff at Gracie Raleigh wants to make sure you and your family have a safe and fun filled night. In our previous post we talked tips for keeping your child safe while trick-or-treating. Today on the blog we have more spooktacular tips to share that will make the night with your little ghosts and goblins worry free. At Gracie, there are never contracts for kids martial arts in Raleigh NC. Call today to learn more about how your child can get started.

Safe Pumpkin Carving Tips
No Halloween would be complete without jack-o-lanterns decorating the front porch of your home. Carving pumpkins can be dangerous. Small children should never carve pumpkins. Instead, allow them to scoop the pumpkin goop from the inside of the pumpkin and sort out the seeds for roasting. Alternatively, you can give younger children markers, paint, glitter, or stickers to decorate their pumpkin while older children and adults carve.  

When it comes time to light your jack-o-lanterns opt for light sources that do not require an open flame. Glow sticks, strobe lights, holiday lights or LED candles provide excellent sources of light without posing a fire hazard near costumes or decorations.

Prepare Your Porch
You’ll want to have the spookiest stoop on the block, but be sure to think safety first. Preparing for trick-or-treaters earlier in the day can help ensure that there are no trip, slip, or fall hazards at your front door. Remove all hoses, doormats or electrical cords from the walkways near your home. If you need to run extension cords to plug in lights or inflatable characters at your front door, cover the cords with tape and limit the amount of cord that is on the walkway. Also, if the weather is wet, be sure to clear slippery leaves and other debris off your sidewalks several times throughout the evening. 

Household pets can become anxious with all the unusual activity and doorbell ringing, so have a plan for keeping your pet safe throughout the evening. Most pet owners opt to put dogs and cats in a crate or in a small room away from the action where they feel safe.

Walking Safety
Walking from house to house is one of the best parts of Halloween. Ensure that your family is easily seen by drivers as they navigate the neighborhood by carrying a flashlight or having your children wear glowsticks and incorporating reflective tape into their costumes. Avoid long costume pieces that drag the ground and could become caught on fences or bushes, or that may trip your child. Choose a sturdy treat bag with strong handles that can easily withstand the weight of your child’s candy haul and be carried around all night. Review pedestrian safety before you head out for the evening and choose to stick to well lit areas.

Fun Kids Martial Arts In Raleigh NC

Gracie Raleigh wishes you and your family a safe and fun Halloween night! Family fun doesn’t have to end when the porch lights go out. Call or come by the gym and see how your family can have fun together year round through martial arts. We offer classes for the entire family. Exclusive classes for women and free classes for beginners mean that everyone will feel comfortable trying out or delving into martial arts practice.

Parents, if your child has expressed an interest in the martial arts, but you aren’t sure if they will stick with it – no worries! At Gracie, there is never a contract for kids martial arts in Raleigh NC, so you’re not stuck paying for classes your child isn’t attending.

Ready to learn more? Check out our blog and read up on our class offerings on our website. We welcome you and your family to come by the gym and see for yourself why Gracie is the home of the best martial arts practice in the Raleigh area.