Getting Back in Shape After the Holidays

kids martial arts in raleighThe month of January is filled with new resolutions and wondering how life got so far off track during the holidays. If you’re like many people, you’re waking up feeling less than great and are probably focused on making resolutions to get back in shape and back to your routine of training and eating right. The good news is that after the holidays is the perfect time to shift your focus and restart your martial arts training. Are you struggling to shift out of the holiday mindset and back to the gym? Here are some tips to help you get started. At Gracie we offer adult and kids martial arts in Raleigh. Call us today to learn more about our programs.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up
Even the most disciplined person can find that their commitment to diet and exercise wavers during the holiday season. You probably spent time at parties and gatherings with friends and loved ones where the primary focus was eating together. Spending that quality time with the people who are important to you and savoring your favorite foods and once a year treats is okay. People who feel guilt related to food are more likely to have a difficult time maintaining a healthy weight and sticking to a workout plan. Eat what you want in moderation and know that getting back on track sooner rather than later is essential.

If all of the food, sweets, and alcohol from the holidays have left you feeling rundown and bloated one of the best and easiest things you can do is to drink water. Water doesn’t just hydrate your body, it also helps your body digest food in a more effective way, flushes toxins from your kidneys, and helps optimize the way all of the systems in your body function. After the holidays, avoid sugary beverages, limit your alcohol consumption, and up your water intake.

Get Back to the Gym
Getting back in the habit of eating right and training can be tough. If you’re struggling to find your motivation, consider signing up for a new class or learning a different martial arts discipline. Creating a new interest for yourself, feeling excited about what you are learning, and setting new goals for your study of martial arts can help motivate you to go to the gym and put in the training time. Returning to the skills you were working on before the holidays will come but starting something new can energize you and push you over the post-holiday slump.

Free Adult and Kids Martial Arts in Raleigh

If you’re ready to change your mindset and get back in shape after the holiday season, let the professional and experienced staff at Gracie Raleigh help. We proudly offer adult and kids martial arts in Raleigh as well as ladies only classes so that everyone can learn martial arts in an environment that is comfortable for them. Call or come by the gym today and learn more about what makes Gracie different and how you can take advantage of our free classes for new students and no contract lesson options for kids. What are you waiting for? Start reaching your goals in 2019 with Gracie!