Fighters Should Be Mindful of Holiday Eating, continued

Raleigh MMAWelcome back to our continuing series on holiday eating. In our previous post, we shared tips to help you be mindful of what you’re eating and drinking this holiday season. Contrary to what many people believe, saving calories for the big meal and letting the holiday festivities get in the way of your workout time can have a significant impact on your fighting weight. Avoid the holiday weight gain and stay in fighting shape with these helpful tips and tricks. Wondering how to adjust your workout routine to accommodate your travel plans? See our post on working out outside for some ideas to inspire you. For the best Raleigh MMA classes, Gracie is number one! Call us today to learn more.

Keep Portions in Check
It’s easy to go overboard when you make your holiday plate. Don’t waste calories on foods you can have year round. Instead, opt for smaller servings of holiday favorites so you can indulge in traditional special dishes. Before you begin to make your plate, look at the foods available. Decide what you can skip and what you really want. Once you’ve done this making your plate becomes easier, and you can focus on controlling portion size rather than worrying about getting a little bit of everything and overloading your plate.

Slow Down
It’s easy to feel rushed when it comes time to sit down to a holiday meal. Remember to relax and savor each bite of your meal, rather than rushing through it. Experts say that it is easier to feel satisfied with one plate of food when you slow down and actually focus on each bite. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, salads, broth-based soups, and other foods that are high in fiber and water add to your feeling of fullness. Spread out your food consumption by eating your main meal, then take a walk or play with younger relatives before having a small dessert.

Don’t Just Focus on the Food
Celebrate the real reason you have so much to be grateful for this season – your family and friends. The main event isn’t about the meal, it’s about spending time with the people you love and making connections and memories. Get out of the kitchen and away from the snack buffet and start a new tradition by organizing a touch football game or walking to wish neighbors a happy holiday season. Bring out your favorite childhood board games and teach nieces and nephews how to play or encourage the family to take part in a charity 5k before the event to start the giving season off right.

No matter how you spend your holiday season, be realistic and know that you may overindulge. When this happens, be sure to get back to the gym and extend your workout time to help keep your holiday weight gain down. Remember that hydration, routine, and getting enough sleep are vital to helping you make healthy choices this season.

From all of us at Gracie Raleigh, we wish you and your family the happiest of holidays!

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