More Exercises For Improving MMA Speed and Quickness

boxing classes in Raleigh NCSome people are born with the gifts of speed and quickness. Others, like myself, have to work hard on these elements just to be able to compete against others in my rank. That’s why the experts at Gracie Raleigh have put together a list of exercises to help all of you improve your speed and quickness levels.

In our last post we started out with ladder drills for focus, jumping exercises for power, and gave you many examples of endurance exercises. All important for speed and quickness. You’ll find the link to our last post, and the others in this series, below. Today you’ll find even more tips. If you’re ready to try an alternative to boxing classes in Raleigh NC, call Gracie Raleigh. We’re the best MMA and muay thai gym in the area. Plus, we also have the top BJJ program in the Triangle. Call today!

More Speed and Quickness Exercises For MMA

Speed Bags

If you’ve ever seen a boxing movie then you know that the speed bag is an integral part of training for better hand-eye coordination, improved rhythm striking, faster reflexes, and more hand speed. If striking is a big part of your MMA game, then investing serious speed bag time will serve you well.

Agility Training

Did you know that being more agile will also help you increase your speed and quickness? That’s right, and we’ll focus more on agility training in a future post. Agility allows us to move quickly and change directions. This skill element is crucial for defending and setting yourself up for throws, kicks, and punches. Be sure to visit back with our blog soon for tips on agility training.

Relax Yourself

If you want to get quicker in the ring and on the mat, then you have to be more relaxed. The more tense your body and muscles are the slower your reaction times will be. When you’re loose, you’ll be able to move a lot faster.

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