Dealing With The Dreaded BJJ Plateau

Boxing Classes in RaleighThanks for coming back to our second post on beating the BJJ blues. If your skill levels are stuck in a slump, then you’ve come to right place for answers. We’ve been talking about training ideas that you can implement wherever you train.

Our last post talked about why you should not focus too much on one element of your training, the importance of working on fundamentals, and how chain drills can also help. Today we’re going to fill you in on a few more of our secrets. Ready to try an alternative to boxing classes in Raleigh NC? Call Gracie Raleigh. If you like boxing then you’ll love our MMA and muay thai classes. Plus, we also have the top BJJ program in the Triangle. Call today and get started with your free class today!

Beating The BJJ Slump

You have to expand your arsenal and try new things. When you figure out how to do another move, really attempt to actualize it while you’re rolling and practicing. More than likely … it’s not going to work. Just know that consistency is vital to success. Continue attempting it over and over again until it works reliably for you.

Get more quality rest, eat more advantageous foods, and stay hydrated. Folks, this must be on our rundown of things to work on. The reason being is that your suffering skill level is directly tied to terrible eating routines, parchedness, an absence of much needed rest, or all of the above.

Being in a slump could be the results of over-prepping and thinking as well. That’s right, if you’re over-thinking every move you’re going to psych yourself out. If you’re over-preparing, you’re not taking enough time off. I know how much you love to train at Gracie Raleigh, but you have to work on yourself in other areas too. Again, this means working on your diet, working on staying hydrated, and working on getting the right amount of rest.

If you’re looking for a new physical challenge, keep reading to see how Gracie Raleigh can help you reach new levels with your training!

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