Dealing With The Dreaded Plateau

UFC gym in RaleighPeople hit plateaus in lots of different parts of their lives. It’s not something to look forward to. How you deal with these dreaded plateaus can make or break your training. If you’re searching for the best mixed martial arts classes in the area, be sure to call Gracie Raleigh! We’re not your typical UFC gym in Raleigh NC. We specialize in self defense, BJJ, muay thai, MMA, and more. Call and ask about our free beginners classes as well.

Pushing Through The Dreaded Plateau

Plateaus in BJJ can come from a few different areas. You might even be surprised to learn that some of these can even come from your very own training regiment. When we start on our BJJ journey, it’s natural to find a niche and work on an element to get good at it. After all, once you’ve done something a thousand times you should be pretty skilled at it. However, focusing on just one element of BJJ will make you plateau pretty quickly. Before too long, your game will no longer be advancing and you’ll be stuck in your rank. Mixing your training up will help you to avoid premature plateauing.

Also, if you find that you’re hitting a wall. Go back to basics and work on your fundamentals. Even black belts consistently train on their base skills. When you get back into the flow of basic training, you might even be surprised at how much you really need to work on. Use this as an opportunity to fix some of your bad habits as well.

You can also try chain drills. These are great for practicing your timing, set ups, transitions, reversals, and more. Chain drills are perfect for anyone that needs to intensify their training.

Guess what? There’s more! Next week we’ll be posting the second part of this series. Be sure to come back to learn even more tips to help you avoid the dreaded BJJ plateau. If you’re looking for a better martial arts experience in 2017, keep reading to see how Gracie Raleigh can help you.

Affordable UFC Gym in Raleigh NC

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