Does Your Body Need A Rest? Use These Signs

kickboxing classes in raleighIf you’re into martial arts of any kind then you’re probably also into fitness training as well. Fitness and martial arts go hand-in-hand, however, honoring the rest day is extremely important. Not only will over-training make you exhausted, but you could also get injured.

In today’s post we’re talking about the signs your body will give you when it needs a break. Did you know that Gracie offers a great alternative to traditional kickboxing classes in Raleigh? Call us today and ask us about our Muay Thai classes!

Signs Your Body Needs A Rest Day

You Feel Exhausted And Sluggish All The Time

When we say all the time, we are referring to every hour of every day you’re awake. If you have trouble waking up after 6-8 hours of sleep, and feel sluggish all day, then your body is telling you that it’s time for a break. We know you want to train hard, and that’s OK, but taking a day off, or few days off will be very beneficial.

You Cannot Quench Your Thirst

You might be drinking all the water around you, and yet you still find that you cannot quench your thirst. This could possible be a sign that you’re not getting enough rest between your training sessions. Be sure to give your body time to restore itself by taking a day or two off while continuing to drink your water.

Your Entire Body Is Really Sore

This tip might be obvious, but it’s still worth noting. If you wake up and every single part of your body is sore, then most of the time this is a sign that you should take a day off from working out.

Losing Strength

This is one that you might notice immediately. If you find your self in the gym and cannot lift the same amount of weight that you usually workout with, you might need a break. Insufficient rest and fuel is one of the most common reasons we lose our strength. So make sure you’re eating clean, drinking water, and getting the right types of rest.

You’re Not Sleeping Well

Are you having trouble falling asleep at night? When you finally get to sleep, do you have trouble staying asleep? Do you toss and turn all hours of the night as well? This could mean that you’re over training and putting too much stress on your body. This mean you need a rest day, so take a few and do your body good.

Hopefully you’ll find these tips helpful in deciding when your body needs a rest. When you’re ready to take fitness to the next level, keep reading to see how Gracie Raleigh can help you.

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