Boxing Defense Tips

Raleigh Boxing ClassesWelcome back readers! Thanks for joining us for another round of Raleigh boxing classes! In today’s post we’re going to discuss boxing strategies that aim to teach you how to avoid damage in a wide variety of boxing situations. If you’re new to our blog and want to check a great post that explains how boxing beginners should approach striking, click here!

The tips we’ve put together will help you defend yourself against different opponents as well as show you how to use these defensive skills so that you gain an advantage.

Defense for Boxing

There’s an old saying in boxing that goes something like this … “The best defense in boxing is not getting hit!” Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong! Being able to avoid, block or dodge punches takes hours and hours of training, however there are a few things that can help.

Spar More – One of the best ways to get better at your boxing defense is by gaining experience. Punching a heavy bag might give you a good workout but the bag never punches back. There is nothing for you to defend against. However, when you enter into a sparring match you have to be on your toes or you’ll get punched in the face – over, and over, and over again.

That being said, do not start sparring until you are ready, as you could get injured.

Fast Foot-Work – Another key element to not getting hit is having fast feet. If you’re able to dance around the ring at a fast pace your opponent will have a hard time zeroing in their punches. Fast feet does not mean just running away from punches, although that can be used to defend, it more relates to how a fighter tends to bob, weave, and pivot to create striking angles.

To get fast feet, you’ll have to do more than jog at a steady pace a few times a week. Fast feet exercises consist of sprinting and hill work, high step boxes, and jogging backwards, as well as jumping rope.

Better Blocking – This is the most basic form of boxing defense. Blocking punches is also the easiest way to defend without removing yourself from your own punching range. Blocking requires very little energy and some skill. Blocking consists of using your gloves to cover your vulnerable areas while your opponent throws a punch. This allows you to fire off a counter-punch as your opponents retracts.

However, blocking too much during a match can hurt you in a decision. The judges could view this strategy as not being aggressive enough and your opponent could win based on that alone.

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