Basic Punching Tips

Boxing Classes in RaleighIf you’ve been keeping up with our blog recently, you might have noticed that we’ve been focusing some of our attention on boxing classes in Raleigh NC. Just yesterday, we published a great read on training tips for those wanting to give boxing a try. If you want to read some great boxing training tips for beginners, hit the jump.

Today we’re focusing on basic boxing punching tips. Check out the list we put together below.

Tips for Throwing Punches

Be Relaxed – You have to relax and calm down when throwing a punch. This saves your energy and allows you to punch harder. When you’re calm and relaxed, your muscles will react more fluidly. This allows for the energy to flow freely through your punching motion. When your body is tense, this prevents the flow of energy and will make your punches weak. Relaxing is the only way to continually throw powerful punches without getting tired.

Aim Your Strikes – When throwing a punch, you have to aim your strikes to make them count. When aiming your punches, keep your eyes on your opponent at all times. Do not look down or past them, but also do not telegraph your strikes. Telegraphing your strikes will allow your opponent to dodge or block them. For instance, if you’re going to throw a body punch do not look down right before you strike. Instead, look at them straight on.

Exhale When You Throw a Punch – Exhale when you throw a punch. However, do not breathe all of your air out in one punch. When throwing a combination of punches, only let small spurts of air out. Short and explosive exhales will result in more compact and explosive punches.

Use Your Opposite Hand to Cover – As you throw a punch, use your opposite hand to cover and protect yourself. Do this with every punch you throw. You should always be defending as you are delivering your strikes. Use your gloves to cover your chin and your elbows to protect your body.

Recover Your Punches – When you throw a punch, you also leave yourself open to being punched, therefore you should always try to recover your thrown punches as quickly as possible. This will help you defend from counter punches. However, do not retract your punches too fast or you’ll lose all your power. This is commonly referred to as pulling punches. With the right consistent training, you’ll be able to time your retractions better to keep your punching power sound.

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