Boxing Training Tips for Beginners

raleigh boxing gymsIf you want to get into boxing, whether it be casually or professionally, there are few things that you’ll need to know to maximize your performance. Today we’re going to talk about what most Raleigh boxing gyms believe to be the must-do’s when training.

Boxing Training Tips

Warming up – Before starting to do any exercises, you need to warm up your muscles and tendons first. This helps increase flexibility, blood flow, and to prevent injury. You should spend at least ten minutes warming up and keep hydrated throughout your workout.

Mind Set – When you get ready to start something new, go all-in. Have the right mind set about dedicating yourself to learning whatever it is you are out to accomplish. This is a must-do for anything that you want to do in life, whether it be boxing or starting a new career. Find ways to motivate yourself so that you don’t give up and lose your strong mindset.

Sleep – Your body has to rest. Resting allows your muscles to recover from the hard training routines. If you do not get enough sleep you will always be fatigued and you will never be able to perform at your best. It’s recommended that you get about eight hours of sleep a night.

Eating Right РGood nutrition is essential for your body to produce the energy it needs to perform strenuous exercises. Eating a good diet is also key for staying healthy. When you eat the right foods consisting of vitamins and minerals your fitness levels will explode.

Prep Work – You have to prepare before you can accomplish. This means getting the right gear, the right shoes and wearing comfortable clothes for your workout. Having the right tools for the job will make getting the job done easier.

Jogging – If you are serious about boxing, martial arts, or general fitness then improving your cardio will help you train longer and harder. This means it’s increasing your endurance. Start out by trying to run one or two miles a few times a week; more if you can handle it. Then keep trying to increase your distance and pace. Before you know it you’ll be running 10 miles each outing.

Rope Skipping – You’ve seen it in every boxing movie ever made. Jumping rope is essential to boxers. This exercise is great for training parts of the body that are used for boxing as well as burning calories and increasing cardio levels. Jumping rope strengthens the calf muscles, and improves balance and coordination too. Start out by trying to jump for 3 minutes, with 1 minute intervals.

You can use many different techniques to make the training more difficult. These include jumping using both feet and then alternating to just one foot. Then you can alternate between which foot you hold off the ground. Another technique is trying to swing the rope during one jump, as well as increasing the speed of your rope jumping.

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