More Belt Tying Tips

Kickboxing Gym in Raleigh, NCIn our last post on tying your belt correctly, we discussed the Traditional tying method. It’s the easiest and most widely taught technique. Today, however, we’re going to discuss a harder, more advanced method – The Black Belt Technique. Keep reading for the instructions on how to tie your belt like this. Did you know that Gracie is more than just a kickboxing gym in Raleigh, NC? That’s right! We’re Raleigh’s number one choice for affordable BJJ, MMA, Muay Thia, and Self Defense training. We even offer free classes for beginners. Call us today and ask about our 2017 training schedule.

How To Tie Your Belt Like A Black Belt

Even though this technique is called the Black Belt method, it’s not solely restricted to just those that hold the rank of being a true Black Belt. It’s really the method most judoka use to tie their belt. The reasoning is that using this technique protects the belt from coming loose. Using this method is more complex and time consuming, but it’s also less likely to come off during training, and it works really well with stiff new belts. Here’s the instructions for using the Black Belt tie technique:

  • Start by placing the middle of your belt on your belly then loop each side around your back.
  • Guide both ends around your back; transfer each end to your opposite hand.
  • Bring the ends back around, pull them tight, and ensure both ends are the same length. If one belt end is longer than the other, make an adjustment to get them equal.
  • Cross the left end over the right, then feed the right end under all of the belt layers, and pull tight.
  • Now feed the right end partially under the top layer of the right side of the belt, take the left end and feed it through the opening on the right. Finally, pull tight.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to tie a belt correctly, or maybe you need a new martial arts challenge in 2017, keep reading to see why you should call Gracie Raleigh.

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