Basic BJJ Movements for Beginners

kids self defense classes in RaleighWhen you begin to train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) it is easy to become overwhelmed by the vast number of techniques that are a part of the sport. From learning various sweeps and chokes to mastering guard passes and escapes, the sheer volume of moves that make up BJJ is enough to make any beginner’s head spin. Knowing where to start and what moves to focus on first can be difficult. Even more important is the ability to identify those moves and techniques that you should avoid as a novice. Many techniques, like rolling passes, are best left for later on in your training when you have developed a solid foundation in proper technique and have some sparring experience under your belt. If you are searching for kids self defense classes in Raleigh or martial arts classes for yourself, be sure to call Gracie Raleigh today!

Scissor Sweep
Mastering this basic sweep will help you build a solid foundation for all other guard sweeps in BJJ. The scissor sweep teaches you to use the power of your legs instead of your upper body to break your opponent’s balance. You’ll also learn how to move your hips to create an angle and control grips to keep your opponent from posting a hand or posturing against you. The scissor sweep is also highly effective in combination attacks using other guard techniques.

Cross Collar Choke from Guard
When you perfect this move you have given yourself the foundation for all attacks from the guard as well as a starting point for your sweeps. Your closed guard strategy begins with this basic collar and sleeve grip. Don’t let the simplicity of the move fool you. It packs power that can be difficult for even the most skilled BJJ practitioners to resist. This move was a favorite of Helio Gracie. He once used this attack to choke a Japanese challenger unconscious in a match in Brazil.

Elbow to Knee: Escape vs. Mount
From your beginner’s class to the UFC, you’ll see this escape used everywhere. The first two years of your BJJ training will be based on your escapes, so drilling this move a lot will help you build a solid foundation for more advanced techniques. Avoid one of the most common beginner mistakes with this move and be sure to create the room you need to wedge your knee inside by moving your hips enough.

Americana Lock from Side Control (Ude Garami)
This move teaches you one of the most important BJJ principles, using two of your limbs against one of your opponent’s limbs. Using leverage in this move with an understanding of the shoulder anatomy can help you force your opponent to tap out. The Americana is one of the more successful submissions in the MMA and is also one of the lowest risk submissions from a side control position. Utilizing your weight to help control your struggling opponent and a good grasp of limb control give you a powerful base in your submission toolbox.

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