Basic BJJ Movements for Beginners – Part 2

kids martial arts in raleighWelcome back to our continuing look at basic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) moves for beginners. In our last post, we looked at four of the basic moves that can help beginners develop a strong base to build more advanced moves from. Like any other martial art, learning the foundation moves and perfecting your technique is what will make you successful on the mat. Studying BJJ takes time, practice, and dedication. While many beginners are tempted to begin sparring too early or may attempt to tackle moves that are too advanced, smart beginners know that building their skills technique by technique is the best way to ensure a win and to avoid injury. If you’re looking for adult or kids martial arts in Raleigh, Gracie can help. Call us today to learn more.

Over-Under Guard Pass
You don’t need to be super athletic to master this technique which is why it is an excellent pass for beginners to learn. Being slow and methodical wins the day with this pass. It is all about learning how to use your body weight to create pressure on your opponent during the guard pass. When you find yourself caught in your opponent’s closed guard, this is a great pass to help prevent most sweeps, chokes, and arm holds.

Hip Bump Sweep
This move works in nearly every style of grappling. By combining the movement with Kimura and guillotine, you are able to create useful attack combinations and give yourself an option when you can’t break your opponent’s posture in a closed guard. Beginners tend to lack upper body strength, so this move relies on your hips to apply the sweep rather than your weaker arms.

Double Leg Takedown
The most successful takedown in UFC history is also one of the most fundamental moves in the sport. Getting your opponent on the ground allows you to get them into position for a tap out and gives you the upper hand. Learning to get close to your opponent quickly and to change levels to get below their defensive hand positioning and punches allows you to follow through with this move. Drive, lift, or turn the corner to get your opponent on the mat and control them.

Guard Replacement with Hip Escape
While learning this move, you learn the two most crucial hip movements for escaping from the bottom in BJJ. Hip escape and bridging are vital for this side control escape technique. Once you have mastered this move, it becomes critical that you learn how to replace your guard. Practicing these moves will teach you lots of valuable information about guard retention in BJJ.

Triangle Choke from Guard
Larger, stronger, or more experienced opponents pose a whole new threat, especially when you are underneath. The triangle choke teaches you to use your legs to choke and attack your opponent. Using the guards you know, the triangle choke can be set up a multitude of ways, and once you learn the mechanics of how to set it up, you’ll be able to manipulate your opponent in different ways to apply the technique.

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Join us next time for the final installment of our moves for beginners series.