Basic BJJ Movements for Beginners – Part 3

mixed martial arts classes in RaleighAs we conclude our series on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) moves for beginners, we recap some of the most important things we have learned thus far. One of the most crucial elements for a new BJJ practitioner to understand is that there are thousands of moves used in BJJ. When you begin to learn the sport, it can be overwhelming and choosing where to focus your energy can be challenging. Learning the basic techniques will give you a strong foundation for advanced moves. While it can be tempting to begin sparring right away, securing the basic moves and techniques you need is a better use of your time and energy. Looking for the best mixed martial arts classes in Raleigh? Gracie can help you. Call us today to learn more.

Bridge and Roll Escape vs. Mount (Upa)
Using your strongest muscle groups when you can is one of the core principles of BJJ. Your lower back, thighs, and hamstrings are crucial for pushing a larger opponent off of you. Using this explosive bridge and the power of your hips to escape your opponent’s mount will allow you to take control of the situation. By bench pressing your way of out the mount you are giving your opponent a near perfect opportunity for an armbar. Instead, forgo the use of your arms and opt for a successful escape from the bottom. Moving with power and quickness can catch your opponent off guard and leave them vulnerable to you or cause them to give up their back.

Straight Armlock from Mount
From the dominant mount position, this is the best submission move. Learning how to isolate your opponent’s limb and then using the force of your entire body on their elbow joint to get the submission could bring you your first tap out. New BJJ students often fail to put their leg over their opponent’s head before they fall back. Don’t make this mistake. Doing so could leave your opponent with enough room to sit up and defend against the armbar.

Rear Naked Choke
Also known as the “lion killer” the rear naked choke was one of Helio Gracie’s favorite submissions. When you are fighting against larger or stronger opponents in a self-defense situation, knowing how to perform this move is vital. Avoid the most common mistake and slide your choking arm under your opponent’s chin and deep into their neck. Statistically, this is the most successful submission in UFC history.

Bullfighter Guard Pass (Toreando)
When you train for this move, you focus on speed. This speed-based guard passing technique teaches you to use side to side movements to avoid your opponent’s defense, control your opponent’s ankles and legs with your grips, and remove guard hooks in preparation for passing. Successfully mastering this move can help you move on to other advanced long distance guard passes.

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