What Is Aikido?

Martial Arts For Kids In RaleighDid you know that Aikido focuses on using your own energy to gain control of your opponent rather than punching or kicking them? Aikido is a Japanese martial art that was developed by Morihei Ueshiba in the early twentieth century. It has become one of the most practiced martial arts in the world. With centuries of Japanese martial arts knowledge, Ueshiba was determined that practitioners of Aikido would view this style as more than just a way to fight. If you’re searching for MMA for adults or martial arts for kids In Raleigh, call Gracie. We’d love to have you in our group.

Influenced heavily by the meditative disciplines from China and India, the emphasis of Aikido practice is on the development of physical and internal integrity. The Japanese believe the ideal warrior is more evolved. He is more than a killing machine. He should put principle and duty first through courage, loyalty, and integrity. He should be willing to sacrifice his life but never his honor to overcome his foe.

Founder Morihei Ueshiba found that Aikido was a path to self-development. He conceived the art as a way for the warrior to develop himself through the positive characteristics that created the ideal warrior. Known later in life as O-Sensei, Ueshiba believed in transcending dualistic conflict and using intense spiritual and physical training to develop true wisdom and perfect human character.

Unlike other forms of martial arts, Aikido is not competitive. Practitioners strive to work with their partner by blending the attack with a redirection of energy back towards the attacker. This effective technique helps manage the energetic and realistic force of a real attack through a non-lethal or disruptive manner. Aikido uses a series of kicks, strikes, punches, single and two hand grabs from the rear or front, chokes, weapons attacks, and multiple person attacks to achieve immobilization. Embodying simple, yet sophisticated, moves Aikido is comprised of a blend of pivoting, turning, circling, and spiraling to create linear motions. Learning to control your own energy and that of your attacker allows you to defend yourself and bring harmony to your world and inner being.

The practice of Aikido is useful for helping you learn to create and maintain an excellent physical center and mental calm and it is also an incredible effective martial art for self-defense. The practice of Aikido focuses on improving timing, balance, and reaction so that these things become an automatic reflex rather than requiring you to process the motions consciously. Improved posture and breathing techniques learned through Aikido help you feel better and it also improves your state of mind. A positive mindset helps you maintain your calm during stressful situations and affects how you are perceived by others in all aspects of your life.

Promotions in Aikido do not come from beating an opponent while sparring. Demonstrations of techniques and exercises that increase in difficulty as you advance are how you measure your movement through this martial art. For more information on Aikido and where to begin, call or come by the gym. At Gracie Raleigh we strive to provide education, knowledge, and instruction that enriches your life in many ways.

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